Spring Time is Here!

Us at Wilkerson Pass
Us at Wilkerson Pass

This was quite a busy weekend for us! We had Friday off and were able to run errands and get a few things done around the house. Those days are a necessity here and there! Friday was the first day of spring and you can feel it in the air! The weather all weekend was beautiful… though, it’s supposed to snow on Tuesday, I think.

Saturday morning we up got and got dressed for a wedding Colorado Springs. The wedding was at Woodmen Valley’s Stone Chapel – it’s such a pretty chapel! The wedding was very pretty! The reception started a few hours later at the Air Force Academy, so we went by to visit some long-time friends, Bekah & Ben! I haven’t seen them since Jonah was born a little over 2 years ago!! Now, they have another boy, Cody, who is 6 months old! Those boys are adorable! It was fun seeing the boys and catching up with Bekah & Ben! What a blessing it was to spend time with a long-time friend and her growing family! After visiting for a while, we headed to the wedding reception. It was a fun reception – good food, good cake and fun people!

Saturday evening we headed to my parents’ house. Our wonderful friend Jeanne, who’s been fighting cancer for the past 2 years, is in a hospice center and so Zach, Mom, Dad & I went to visit her and see Dale, her husband. I told her how much I loved her and how much she means to me. I will write more about her later – she deserves her very own blog entry!

Sunday morning, Zach & I got up at 8 am to go jogging at Garden of the Gods. It’s about a 20 minute drive from my parents’ house, but we wanted to enjoy the nice weather and do a nice jog in God’s beautiful park! It was a great jog and we were ready for some yummy breakfast when we got home! Then we decided to take a drive to Wilkerson Pass (which is about an hour west of Colorado Springs).

On our way through the mountains, we decided to stop at The Donut Mill:


They are known for great donuts and my brother and his wife, Greg & Jen, love to stop there all the time. So we thought we’d stop and check it out. We got a few donuts… I got a huge Bear Claw:


The Bear Claw & donuts were good, BUT Zach got some biscuits & gravy! OH gravy! Those biscuits & gravy were out of this world! They were so good that they are on par with Ruth’s Diner in Salt Lake City (which you know we love to eat at because they have good biscuits & gravy). Mom and Dad tried a bite and decided next time they head that direction, they will definitely stop for the biscuits & gravy!

After our little yummy stop, we headed towards Wilkerson Pass. It was a very pretty drive! Once we got to Wilkerson Pass, it was amazing how many mountains we could see all around us! It was a nice Sunday drive, literally, and a good time with Mom and Dad.

It was a quick weekend, but it was nice weekend full of visits with lots of people and time with Lori’s family.

This coming week will be quite a trying week for us – we’ll be busy and definitely have heavy hearts about Jeanne.