So Much Laughter!


This girl is so funny! Every day we just have so much fun! It’s crazy to see the new things she does or says each day… and she just keeps us laughing! I think she realizes how funny we think she is, so sometimes she’ll do something again just because it makes us laugh.

Zach was gone from Sunday night to Friday night this week. This was the hardest time he’s ever been gone – Ellie really understood that he was gone and she missed him!! We Skyped with him every day and she loved it! Ellie just hung onto Zach and hugged him so much this weekend. We’ve never seen her so loving!

Ellie recognizes so many things in her books – and out and about! It’s so neat to see her understand so many things! She kind of knew “no” last week, but it seems like this week she’s actually using the word correctly. If she says something is hot or gone or something else that doesn’t actually make sense – we ask her a question, she’ll say “no” and then babble on some more. Sometimes she says “no, no, no” when things don’t go her way… but she hasn’t started telling us “NO!” yet! 🙂

Ellie just started rolling her cars on the floor this week – it was so cute to watch her play!


We noticed this weekend that her “hot” and “hi” seem synonymous…. when we tell her to say “hi” to someone, she reaches her hand out flat (the same way she motions that something is hot) and then she says “hot”… and then eventually she does her “bye-bye” motion. So I THINK she’s saying “hi”… but who knows!

We had so much fun playing outside this week! One day we took a little walk and Ellie found some pine cones. She had three in her hands and saw some more ahead.


She put down her pine cones and ran about 20 feet down a path to grab another one – then ran back to place it on her pile. Then she ran to find more. By the time we left that area, she had a pile of 10 pine cones! She was so proud!


What a fun age!!

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At the house the yard was graded this week and fence posts were installed. We had a walk-through this week at the house to verify that everything was finished appropriately. Now the builder has a list of items that need to be fixed before closing.