So Much Fun!!


This little girl of ours is just SO MUCH FUN! She does some of the funniest and sweetest things! Some times I feel like she is such a handful and then the next moment she’s making me laugh – I love that!


Tonight she was playing before bed and backed into one of her toy baskets, fell back on her back and just rolled out of it. We got so tickled and it didn’t even phase her! She’ll randomly clap for things and we just get so excited and clap with her. She’s so good at waving bye-bye now – including waving bye-bye to the end of Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and also to the water in the bathtub as it goes down the drain. She’ll yell “gone gone gone” or “done done done” for so many things and it’s so funny!


Today on the way to church she was just laughing to herself, looking out the window – we had no idea what she thought was so funny. She was climbing the stairs after church today and on her way down I reached my hand out to help her. Once she reached out for it and got down the last few steps, she didn’t want to let go of my hand! She started walking down the hall and just held on to my hand. Eventually she made a motion that she wanted BOTH of my hands. So I held her tiny hand with my two hands. She’s NEVER held our hands before while walking or anything. It melted my heart!

This kid loves playing in the laundry basket or climbing all over our bed. She can easily climb up on the footrest of one of our chairs (we have to tell her to sit when she stands, which she’s getting better at). She also found out how to climb up on the couch and how to get off the couch the right way! Yesterday she attempted to climb into the bathtub! Crazy girl!


We just love this girl so much! She’s so much fun!

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The exterior of the house was painted this week! It looks so good! The sheetrock was taped and mudded – it’s now ready for texture. It’s so cool to walk through the house these days! It’s really looking like OUR HOUSE!


The above picture is in the Building Our House photo album.