So Many Words!

shapeimage_1Ellie has just amazed us this week with the words she can say! She’s still focusing more on the first syllable of words, but given the context (either by what she’s pointing to, holding, etc.) we totally know what she’s saying. Sometimes she says something and I can’t even figure out how she knows a word!

When Ellie wakes up in the morning, she asks for “poo” and “wawa” – her pool and water table! This girl loves water and being outside!


At bedtime, she wants to touch the baby. She will ask to see the “bebe?” (baby). Then she’ll say “baba” (brother), rub my belly and say “zoff” (soft)! She pats many other soft things and says “zoff” these days too! She loves sharing her snacks and drinks with her stuffed animals – she makes the cutest noise with her mouth as if the stuffed animal is eating/drinking. She even likes to share her milk with my belly 🙂

When she falls to the ground or something else falls, she’ll say “BOOM!”

Ellie is getting better and better with colors and letters! She can recognize at least half of the letters and enjoys pointing out colors of so many things!

Sweet girl!


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Here’s a funny video of Ellie playing with Zach’s camera phone this week:

Baby boy is still moving a whole bunch – all the time – in my belly! I went thrift shopping again this weekend! I feel like I have a really good wardrobe start for our baby boy! We can’t wait to welcome this boy into our lives!!