So Animated


This little girl is SO animated! Her expressions are just so funny. Whether she’s excited about something or surprised, what she does with her face and her hands is so adorable!

Love this smile!


Along with the expressions Ellie makes, sometimes words of surprise come out too! When she’s stacking blocks and they fall over or something else happens that is “bad” she’ll exclaim “OH NO!” It’s just too funny! She is getting really good at stacking blocks 🙂

The other day we were playing and she threw a blanket at me. A little bit later she wanted the blanket back. She kept saying “bac, bac” but I couldn’t tell at the time that she was saying “back” – meaning she wanted the blanket back. So then she patted her back and said “bac” – I got the clue and said “do you want the blanket back?” She shook her head “yes”. I can’t believe she’s already using homonyms. If she wants to sit on something, she will also say “sit” and pat her back. I love it!

As usual, Ellie is still in the habit of playing in her crib at bed time for up to two hours before actually falling asleep. The funny thing is, now when we go in to get her in the mornings or after a nap – she doesn’t want to get out – she just wants to keep playing! She sets her stuffed animals along the wall on top of her crib railing and enjoys dropping her lovie Duck between the crib rail and the wall. I think she could play in there for hours and hours – which is such a big change from the first 18 months of her life – she couldn’t stand to be in her crib!

At 21 months, Ellie has started throwing tantrums! It’s quite hilarious right now! Something very small with get her mad and she just throws herself down on the floor. If we ignore her, she turns to look at us and then stops pretty quickly when she realizes we’re not paying attention to her. It has only happened at home so far (and maybe only 4-5 times this week total), but I don’t doubt that it will happen very soon when we’re out in public! Watch out world!

We took Ellie to the Denver Aquarium for the first time today, along with her Gigi and Gramps. Ellie LOVED it! She had a blast looking at all the fish and touching the glass. She absolutely loved the Sea Otters – she had so much fun watching them. Here’s a video of Ellie so excited about the otters.

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We painted part of baby boy’s room this weekend!! I bought the two different sheets I want to use in his room, then matched the colors and we picked up paint on Saturday. By Saturday evening we had the wall taped and then Sunday afternoon we painted! Whew! It was a quick job and looks so cute!! Zach’s Aunt Susie, will come out in October to paint some animals on his walls to finish the decor. She will also do some painting in Ellie’s room! We can’t wait for both of our kids’ rooms to look so cute!!