Snuggly Baby


At 12 weeks, Ellie is “talking” more and more every day. She likes hearing her voice and it’s so cute! We try to get it on video, but she stops just when we pull the camera out! As always she is all smiles and is such a happy baby.

She has been a very snuggly baby this week… she has a Taggies blanket and an Angel Dear Duckie (we call it her lovie or lovie duckie) and she loves pulling them up to her face. In her car seat, we always have a burp cloth on her lap (to wipe up her slobber which is non-stop), and she likes to grab the burp cloth and play with it too… anything close she’ll grab at and try to snuggle with.


She enjoys having books read to her – when we put a book in front of her, she’ll look at the pictures or try to grab the book. She like holding her other toys too and still tries to suck on everything. When we sing to her, she starts to make noise along with us.

We added a new page for Ellie’s movies — we’ll work on adding more during this next week. Here’s the link to the Movies Page.

I don’t have much else to mention this week, but here are some great pictures we’d like to share…


Here’s the link to some more of this week’s favorite pictures in our album:  January 2011 album.