Snow, Snow, Snow…In October!!

Our little evergreen trees... with lots of snow!
Our little evergreen trees… with lots of snow!

For as long as I can remember, it always snows in Colorado on Halloween. Everyone I knew would create Halloween costumes to fit over coats & snow-suits because of potential snow…. but this much snow? I don’t remember Colorado ever getting this much snow in October… BUT I LOVE IT!!!

I shoveled 9-10 inches of snow off of the driveway last night… and this morning there’s another 6-8 inches that will get shoveled at some time this evening – with potentially another 4 inches added to that! Usually we don’t have to shovel because our driveway faces South and always melts, when it’s a few inches… but this time, the sun hasn’t been out since Monday!

Here’s a picture of our back patio…. lots of snow:


The furniture has NO cushions on it – that’s all snow!! The picture at the top of our little evergreen trees shows some of the snow from the shoveled driveway – but last night I brushed off the trees and now they’re covered again!

Here’s a few more pictures, snow going up to our front porch and then at the top of the front-porch overhang, there’s a great snow drift: