Snow! Finally!

Snowy Picture:  Just outside our house for the first "big" snow of the season!
Snowy Picture: Just outside our house for the first “big” snow of the season!

Okay, so it has snowed here in Denver at least once this season (prior to Friday night)… but on Friday night it finally snowed and made its mark on the trees and yards around us! So we HAD to take a picture! It’s possible that it has snowed a few other times, a little bit, over the past few months… but we’ve been out of town so much with work that we wouldn’t even know if it had snowed here or not!! And then again this morning, we work up to more snow!! Yeah!! We just love the snow and we’re so glad we live in Colorado!!!

So, here’s a catch-up on what’s been going on with us the past month…

Zach’s cousin, Jessica got engaged in September and her and her fiance, Curtis had been trying to figure out the wedding location. After stressing over locations, dates, etc. They decided on a destination wedding in Mexico – the same resort we went to in January 2008. So their wedding is going to be in January 2010 in Barcelo Mexico!


Jessica’s wedding party – Molly, April, Lori & Jessica – at Curtis & Jessica’s Engagement Party.

Lori gets the honor of being a bridesmaid for Jessica, along with her sister Molly and their best friend, April. April was Molly’s “date” at our wedding. So the destination wedding will be quite the family affair,  bigger than our wedding, but still a very intimate group! Zach is going to take pictures at the wedding – which means we need to start taking some engagement pictures for them soon! We can’t wait for their wedding! Lori went with the girls a few weekend ago to shop for wedding dresses while Zach played golf with uncle Rick, Curtis and Molly’s boyfriend, Dain. We think Jessica found THE DRESS, but she’ll hold off for a little bit. While Jessica tried on dresses, I took lots of pictures. Of course I’m not putting a picture of Jessica on here in a wedding dress so that Curtis doesn’t see it, so this picture will have to do….


Jessica says, “This will be SO comfortable on the beach!”  haha!!

We think our work travels will be over for work during the next few months – so it will be nice to be at home and be more involved with friends. We enjoyed the Thanksgiving holiday weekend with family, friends and a fun church event. We decorated the house with all our Christmas decorations! On the tree, we have ornaments we had growing up, the collection we’ve started since getting married and all the White House ornaments – since 1980 when Zach’s mom started collecting them for him. We hang some of the White House ornaments from the garland on the hand-rail going up the stairs too! We didn’t do anything different with our decorations than last year… but we just love our house at Christmas. We do love the house the rest of the year too… but it’s just nice and festive at Christmas!


Here’s a picture of Lori posing in front of the tree!

We have lots coming up in the next few weeks as Christmas approaches. We’re looking forward to more time with family and friends and the upcoming ski season!

Sorry it’s been so long since we’ve posted anything, but this weekend finally gave us the time to “catch up”!