Sneak Peak

Here’s our newly painted bedroom and newly painted bedroom furniture!
Here’s our newly painted bedroom and newly painted bedroom furniture!

Okay, so I said I wouldn’t be posting any more pictures until we got our carpet…. but I couldn’t wait! So here’s a Sneak Peek of our “new” bedroom. We got our headboard and bed-side tables painted and brought back upstairs so we could live in normalcy until we know when our carpet will be installed.

We decided while painting that our bed would go much better on the other wall – almost in the little cubby-hole, which makes the room look MUCH bigger.

Here’s a picture of the other wall:


Notice the light at the top of the wall, where the wall meets the white ceiling… we never got that effect before!! Yeah for white ceilings! We ordered a Chaise Lounge chair for the corner, under the picture frame, but it will be quite a few months before it arrives – but that makes one less piece of furniture to move when we do get the carpet installed! Oh, and we decided that our curtains need to be hemmed so that they are just at the window sill…I’ll do that this weekend!

So there you have it – our pretty green bedroom and newly painted furniture!

Let’s see, what else can I check off our “to-do” list? We painted all the base-boards in all the bedrooms and moved all the furniture in the other bedrooms (except the guest bed)! That’s it! That’s all we needed to do before we get the carpet installed! We haven’t moved the furniture in the downstairs living area and won’t until the day the carpet is installed. Stay tuned, I expect the next blog entry will be about our new carpet!

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