Sleep Acquired…Kind of


Today Ellie is 16 weeks old – we still can’t believe this little bundle of joy is in our lives… forever!

Our post last week was about how Ellie had no instructions and we were struggling with bed time and nap time… it’s been a pretty long week, but we did get some things figured out (for the time being of course – just when we think we have something figured out, we know that things will change).

Here’s our sweet baby with a clip in her hair – it didn’t stay for long, but it sure was adorable. Zach bought her an Apple onesie when he was in California for his meeting (the day we went home).


We started being intentional about naps. Prior to now we would let her fall asleep whenever and wherever. Now we make sure she’s in her room (most of the time) and at the “right” time. At about an hour and 40 minutes after being awake Ellie seems to get tired so if we put her in her swing upstairs just in time, she’ll quickly fall asleep. If we miss that window, she’ll go down with a bit of a fight. At this rate, she gets three naps a day – one that’s 2 hours long and then two short ones (30-60 minutes) She will usually wake at 45 minutes into a nap, but sometimes if I let her fuss a little bit she will go back to sleep. I peek in on her and if she’s wide awake looking around the room, she’s done with her nap. Most of the time she wakes up as a super happy baby from her naps – grinning from ear to ear when I go in to get her. Bed time is now around 6:30. We don’t have much of a bed time routine, but it works for her. Take her upstairs with dim lights around 6:00. Change into her PJs and feed her. She’s usually asleep by 6:30 and will typically wake up 45 minutes later but a quick pat or push of the swing will get her back to sleep.

Swing – yep, she’s still sleeping in the swing… at least for naps and for the first part of her evening sleep. The past few days after I feed her before we go to bed between 10 & 11, I’ll put her in bed and she’ll do good in bed all night. She’s still pretty congested at night. She sleeps with a humidifier (which I think helps) but the swing helps her sleep a little better. Of course – despite our attempts to make naps and bed time easier she still sometimes won’t go down without a fight — ahh, parenthood!

Here are some fun facts about Ellie this week:

  • She always sucks on her hand – but this week she started just sucking on her thumb. Now it’s a combination of both – but it will be interesting to see if she migrates to just sucking on her thumb and not her whole hand.

  • She also loves to suck on anything in her hands. When I’m putting clothes on her, as soon as I get her hand in a sleeve, she pulls it up to her mouth – most of the time before I can even get her hand through the entire arm-hole… so every outfit starts off with a slobbery sleeve.

  • She still likes to cuddle with her lovie blanket – I give it to her at nap time to help her snuggle and know that nap time is coming. She will grab at the tags on the taggies blanket and sometimes get her fingers through the loop. We pulled out a teething blanket a few weeks ago – it makes crinkling noises and has different textures on it – she loves playing with it. I make sure we take it any where we go because it will entertain her for hours.

  • She slobbers SO MUCH. She wears bibs most of the time during the day just so we don’t have to change her outfits constantly. We’re always wiping her face – but she doesn’t seem to mind so that’s good!

  • She has some great neck strength. We don’t do tummy time a lot because she just ends up sucking on the blanket and doesn’t try to push up… so I’ve had to figure out other ways to get her working her upper body. I’ll let her roll around on my lap so that she has to work her neck to see what’s going on and that’s when I see that she’s so strong! We can prop her up and her head is in control and she’ll only start to fall over because she starts to wiggle a bunch.

  • She doesn’t roll over yet, but when laying on her back if we put a mirror up over her shoulder she’ll turn her body to look at it and it looks like she might just roll over to get a better view.

  • She talks a lot now – obviously no words or even decipherable sounds – but she’ll just “ahhhh, ahhh, ahhh” all the time. I love it!


It’s amazing to me how she just changes so much every week. I love blogging about what she’s doing because it’s a great way to keep track of all the little things she does. Some day it will be fun to read back over what our weeks looked like when Ellie was a baby.

Ellie got to see some sweet friends this weekend. We had Rick, Kim and Zack over for dinner on Saturday night – both kids went down pretty easily and we got to eat dinner, talk and play games for quite a while. Sunday night we had dinner with our small group. We took Ellie with us and she didn’t stay asleep when we put her down – so we just passed her around and everyone got to enjoy holding Ellie. It was a great weekend to spend with friends – and then to relax the rest of the time – just the three of us. It’s so amazing how a baby changes your life…. and we love it!

Here’s the link to some of this week’s favorite pictures in our album:  February 2011 album.