Silly Faces


Ellie is big on making silly faces lately… she gets so excited and just goes crazy! When she makes her silly faces, you can see all 4 of her teeth! We’ve gotten quite a few great pictures of her silly faces this week – although I know we’ve seen so many more adorable ones and just didn’t get them on camera! Here are a few:


And some other cute happenings this week:

We pulled out one of Ellie’s walker toys… it was handed down to us and I was so excited to finally get to pull it out for her. She still needs a little help though.


She took some steps holding onto the couch a few times this week. I have to put her at one end and then put something at the other end that she wants – she’s getting more coordinated each time she tries!


Ellie loves the dishwasher – any time it’s open and she hears the clang of the dishes – she quickly crawls over to “help”.

The other morning Zach picked up Ellie to hug her before he left for work. When he started to hand her over to me, she just tried to clench on to him – she didn’t want to let him go. It was so cute! That made Zach’s day!

Ellie stood up today – for less than 5 seconds – but she did it all on her own! She was on all fours and then just stood up. Then she very quickly fell over. Zach and I both got to see it and we were so proud!!!

Ellie has been doing better at night – the past few nights at least – we’ll see if the trend continues! She’s finally been able to settle down and go to sleep in her crib without too much fussing around 7:30! She also only wakes 2 or 3 times a night. When we first moved into our apartment she couldn’t settle down at night and bedtime would take two hours or more and she was waking up every 2 hours – so this is great! She’ll typically wake up once before I go to bed (or just shortly after I settle into bed) and then once or twice more in the middle of the night. Hopefully her night-time stretches just keep getting longer and longer!!


And now the best news of the week:

We put Ellie in the church nursery for the first time this weekend and she did GREAT!! Yep – at 10 months old… she finally went to the nursery! Why did we wait so long? Because I’m a chicken. We only attended our Sunday School class a few times since Ellie was born – and she came with us. We took her to church service with us for Easter. The rest of the Sundays I’ve been too tired and didn’t want to attempt the church thing which would mess with her naps. Shame on us!

We decided that once fall came along and our Sunday School class started up again, we would get going back to church and put her in the nursery. I was so nervous because up until now Ellie has only been left with her grandparents – and sometimes she struggles with them. I didn’t want it to be a miserable time for her or the nursery workers!

We dropped her off and she instantly started screaming! We walked out of view and decided we’d stand there for a few minutes to see if she continued screaming or settled down. Less than 30 seconds passed and she was quiet. We smiled at each other and then headed to our class. We watched for our number to appear on the “come get your upset kid” notification screen, but it never showed up. We were amazed!

We swung by the nursery after class and they said she was happy – one of the men working in the nursery quickly became her buddy… as long as he was in her sight, she was just fine! She ate graham crackers and cheerios, watched videos and watched the other kids. When we came back after church service she was happy to see us… but they said she was great the whole time! Oh, that made my heart so happy! She didn’t get a nap, but she fell asleep in the car on the way home – so we grabbed lunch in a drive-thru and ate in the car so she’d get a little bit longer of a nap.

We were SO HAPPY that our morning was successful. I know she’ll have days where she’s not so happy in the nursery, but for her to be happy the first time that made us such proud parents!! It also made me feel so much better about going back to church! I’m hoping that when ever our second kid comes along, I won’t be so up-tight about schedules. Hopefully we’ll be able to continue our every-day activities without trying so hard to schedule everything around the new baby! I blame our lack of participation based on the fact that we’re new to this whole parenting thing! We’ll see what happens – that’s a ways away! 🙂

Way to go Ellie!


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