Ellie’s silliness comes out more and more each day. Instead of getting sad at the grocery store in the checkout line, she started making funny faces at the check-out girl this week. After taking her shirt off after dinner one night, she grabbed her jacket and we asked her to put her jacket on… she put it “on” by putting it on her head…. and then ran around playing and being silly:


She keeps waking up from naps with her arm pulled out of one sleeve… the other day I let her play for a while with her arm out because she just looked so silly!


This kid has started to really enjoy cow’s milk – of course with a bit of chocolate! She’ll hold her milk sippy with one hand and her water sippy with the other hand. It’s hard to function and keep your balance when your hands are full with sippy cups!


And she LOVES milkshakes!


Ellie has still been congested with a runny nose all week! We skipped Bible study and church again just to make sure she doesn’t get any other kiddos sick! Poor baby just can’t get rid of all that gunk in her nose! She’s also been teething, so that doesn’t help either! Two teeth on the bottom popped out this week and she’s working on probably three more! All that to say, we’ve had quite a few wakings the past week – and I’m exhausted! But I just love this little face:


Zach, Ellie and I were playing on Saturday and I said all done and in just the sweetest little voice Ellie said “All done!” – Zach and I just looked at each other! That’s the first real statement she’s ever said! It just melted our hearts!

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It doesn’t seem like there was a lot done at the house this week. The vinyl flooring was cut in place and all the countertops were installed. We met with a concrete guy to get a bid on all the concrete work we want to get done after we close. Hopefully more exciting things will get done this week at the house!