Even when sick, this girl enjoys showing love to her brother! Just don’t ask her to share a toy! 🙂

It’s been less than a month since Ellie’s last illness and we’re at it again! Ethan started acting a little yucky on Tuesday but didn’t seem too bad. By the time we were driving to Bible Study on Wednesday morning I realized he just wasn’t himself, so I called the doctor’s office and we made a trip to the doctor instead of Bible Study. His ears were fine, but his breathing was a little slower than it should be. They tested him for RSV, but thankfully it was negative! I just had to keep an eye on him, but nothing that was a big deal. By Wednesday evening, I was feeling sick too. Zach ran to the grocery store to get me some meds so I could try to kick this cold before it got too bad! Thursday evening, Ellie started having a bit of a cough, but nothing to be concerned with. In the middle of the night that night, she woke up and was “barking like a seal”… tell-tale sign of croup! Uh-oh! Zach slept with her the rest of the night to be safe – she was wheezing a bit off and on.

Zach stayed home from work Friday morning and we took her to the doctor (2nd visit in a week for our family! yuck!) He confirmed she had croup, but her ears looked good, so that was a relief! They also tested her for strep, which was negative! After nap time on Friday, Ellie woke up coughing quite a bit and then threw up! Ugh! I was worried it could mean something else was wrong with her, but with a call to the doctor again, they just said to make sure she can keep liquids down for a few hours and then eat some bland foods so she can take her steroid meds for the croup before bed. She did fine and we didn’t have any puking after that! Friday night she slept pretty well, but by Saturday evening she was really stuffy and seemed to be a little achy. We’d been giving her some Tylenol since Friday, so there wasn’t much more we could do for her. She woke up a lot more and Zach ended up sleeping with her most of the night to help keep her calm. Today she still sounds horrible and has a runny nose, but she sure is happy! I hope she starts to get better soon!!!


Ethan is still congested a bit, but otherwise seems ok. I’m not 100% yet, but I’m pretty sure that getting some meds early helped me not get too sick!

Since we were all so sick this week, I didn’t take a lot of pictures… but I still was able to take some notes of the funny things Ellie did and said:

  • At dinner one night, after we’d already prayed and started eating, Ellie said she wanted to pray (again)… she grabbed our hands and said “dear Jesus, thank you for mama, dada, ephan too. Amen.” It was precious!

  • She’s started acting out a scene from The Lion King – where Rafiki (the monkey) dips his finger in red fruit “paint” and brushes it across Simba’s head while saying “Simba”… so she comes over to Ethan, holds out her hand like a cup, dips her finger in his and then rubs her finger across Ethan’s head while saying “Simba”…. she does this at least three times a day!

  • When Ellie starts coughing a lot and we ask “are you ok?” she responds with “I guess so!” in a high-pitched voice!

  • She’s started calling me “mommy” instead of “mama”… I love it!

  • Today, Zach and I were cleaning up the kitchen and I said that him and I are such a great team. I explained to Ellie how great it was to have such a wonderful teammate and she yelled “yea team go!”

  • If we ask her if she wants more of something, she’ll say “no, I too full” when she’s decided she’s had enough.


Ethan is so active these days! When he’s sitting in his bouncy seat, he’ll get super excited – kicking his legs and moving his arms! He kicks like crazy in the bath tub too! He gets the most adorable grin on his face when we talk to him. Although I’ve been trying to pay close attention to when he wakes up and when he needs to go back down for a nap, this week he’s totally been fighting falling asleep. So I’ve spent a lot of time walking him around, even having to let him scream in my arms, until he finally decides it’s the right time to fall asleep. I don’t think there’s much more I can do, so we’ll keep trying what we’re doing and hope he gets his naps figured out soon.


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