Sick Baby


I mentioned last week how I thought I’d eaten some dairy because Ellie had reverted back to throwing-up. Then we thought maybe it was hay fever allergies causing her to be congested because we ran the attic fan a few days in a row. We also thought her throwing-up could be a result of her over-heating because the house was so hot. So many theories!!

Then Monday night she developed a horrible cough and we knew it had to be something more! We took her to the doctor on Tuesday afternoon – they tested her for RSV and it came back negative. The doctor said she had a little cold that gave her a mild ear infection. He gave us a three-day dose of medicine to keep her from getting croup and some antibiotics to give her for 10 days. We brought her home and gave her both of her meds – which she quickly threw-up! We put her to sleep in the swing all night so that she could sit up and maybe feel a little bit better. Wednesday morning we attempted the medicine and she threw it up, again! By Wednesday night we were able to get her to swallow the medicine and keep it down – it took lots of team-work! Every dose after that it’s taken the two of us to get her to take it. It’s so funny how hard it is to give her medicine! Her baby Zantac is a .6 mL dose that she’s gotten the hang of lately. The meds this week were 2.5 mL and 4 mL – that’s a lot for such a little girl! I’ll be so glad when we’re done with these meds and hopefully she’ll get better at taking medicine as she gets older!

All week she hasn’t acted too sick – she wasn’t sad or fussy. She was a little more mellow and more sleepy than normal. Even after throwing up she would just smile at me like nothing had happened! When she started coughing and couldn’t stop it was the cutest, most pathetic cough!


She’s only thrown-up a few more times, but not too much. Looking back, I don’t think I got ahold of anything dairy. I just think the cold produced so much mucus in her throat that all she could do was throw it up. It at least cleared her out when she did, so it was productive… guess that’s the only thing a baby can do to clear her throat! We’ll keep her in the swing for bedtime with the humidifier until the mucus is gone… and hopefully she’ll go back to bed in her crib easily when she’s done being sick!

I’ve been feeling a little sick myself this week. My head hurts and at night I get really congested… I’ve tried to take a few extra naps to make sure I stay healthy! I don’t want to have to take care of a sick baby while I’m sick… hopefully we both feel better quickly!

Despite having a hard week, Ellie has been sitting up so much better. She still tumbles over occasionally, but she is also better about keeping herself upright despite wobbling!


We have still been trying with solids this week, which is still not going so great. Ellie really wants to drink out of our cups, so we put apple juice in a cup and Zach helped her drink out of it. She puts her whole face in the cup and licks like a little puppy dog – it’s so cute! She didn’t like the taste, but she wanted more. In the end she had way more juice in her lap than she swallowed, but it was something new. The next night we tried some apple juice in sippy-cup that she had to suck on to get anything out of it. Again, she liked doing it but didn’t really swallow much. She’ll get the hang of it. We tried some mango baby food this weekend and I think she actually liked the taste. She just does not like eating from a spoon! She really wants to suck on the bowl, so I helped her hold the bowl to her mouth and then scooped some food in her mouth – I think she got a little.


I didn’t take nearly as many pictures this week as I normally do, having a sick baby makes the week a little different!


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