Sick Baby, Happy Baby


Ellie made it through a week with Zach sick and another week with me sick and didn’t get sick herself. I told the ladies at Bible Study on Friday that we were so lucky that Ellie didn’t get sick — then Friday night she got all stuffy and congested with a runny nose and fever! Poor baby! Her cry is different when she’s sick and she HATES when we wipe her nose! Although we could tell she did not feel great, she didn’t really act any different than normal! She was still our happy baby! She had fun playing and still actually slept just like normal. We didn’t even put her in the swing! We gave her some medicine to reduce her fever, which I think helped a lot! Tonight she still has a runny nose but her fever has died down. We’re so thankful that her cold wasn’t too bad!

Last night we gave her a tissue and asked her to wipe her nose. She kind of rubbed her nose and then decided to wipe all her toys’ noses…. Elmo, her dog, the elephant ball popper – it was so cute!

We’ve finally moved into a routine with one nap! It’s been a few weeks now and it seems like a great routine! We’ll see how this one lasts – hopefully a LONG time! Ellie goes to sleep at 7:30pm – she nurses and then I lay her down awake. She’ll lay in bed and play or talk for a bit, then just goes to sleep! Some nights she stands up and fusses but for only 5-10 minutes and then calms down! She occasionally wakes in the middle of the night and most nights we just let her cry and she’ll go back to sleep. Then she wakes again around 5, 6 or 7am – which is when I go in and nurse her and put her back to sleep. She then sleeps until about 8:30 or 9:00!! A few weeks ago I realized that even though she was waking up at 6 or 6:30, it wasn’t really “morning” yet. So after cheating and putting her in the swing a few mornings, I decided if she really needs more rest then she’d go back to sleep in her crib. All this week, I put her back down in her crib – she’d stand up and cry for a minute or two, but then she’d go back to sleep! It’s been WONDERFUL! It was so helpful when I was sick because I got extra sleep! If she keeps it up, it will be great for me to get up and be productive around the house before she gets up! 🙂

When she wakes up to start her day, we don’t nurse or do a bottle. She eats a great breakfast of oatmeal and some other little things. We play and/or run errands until lunch time (this also makes church and Bible Study days easier). She eats a big lunch because she hasn’t nursed for a while! Then we nurse (or do a bottle on days I work) and put her down for a nap IN HER CRIB! Typically she’ll get super sleepy and almost fall completely asleep when I nurse her, but on days she doesn’t fall asleep she will fuss when I put her in her crib – but only about 5-10 minutes of crying is all it takes before she settles down and goes to sleep. She’ll typically wake up 45-60 minutes into her nap, cry for 5 minutes, then go back to sleep. The total nap is usually about 2 hours long. We’re still trying the crib on days that grandmas watch Ellie without complete success. She has a harder time settling down and being happy in her crib. Pretty soon though I think we’ll be able to get rid of the swing and the crib won’t be a struggle! FINALLY! 🙂

We’ve been able to get Ellie to drink a sippy cup of cow’s milk in the afternoon – with a bit of chocolate of course! 🙂 At dinner time we let her feed herself with a bowl and a spoon. She doesn’t get a lot into her mouth, but she also gets distracted enough that she’ll let us feed her some fruit baby food while she plays with her food. It’s been really fun watching her try to feed herself!


Today, Zach was reading books to Ellie. She pulled out a book and brought it to him. When they were done, he handed it back to her and said “go put it back and get another one”. She tried to put it back in the bookshelf and then pulled out another one. She did that a few times! It’s so neat to see our baby following directions!

Although this kiddo is great at following directions a lot of the time, she also gets really frustrated when she doesn’t get her way. The other night when Zach got home from work, Ellie stood at the door wanting to go outside. So Zach said “ok, let’s get your shoes on” and walked to her room to get the shoes. Ellie just lost it and threw a fit! She fought Zach putting her shoes on. She didn’t understand that he was helping her to go outside! Eventually they got outside and she had a wonderful time!


We’ve been going outside a lot these days when the weather has been nice! Ellie doesn’t stumble as much anymore so it’s really fun to just let her walk around and explore!


After dinner one night I dusted the mess off her clothes and she decided she wanted to eat her crumbs off the floor. I didn’t let her, I picked her up and carried her to the bathroom. As I started the bathtub she was wailing and ran back and forth in the bathroom throwing herself at the wall! She was so angry! I took her clothes off and put her in the tub – she was still screaming but we just continued on with the routine in the bath. Eventually she was trying to grab onto me while she cried. I finished as quickly as I could and pulled her out. When she was dry I picked her up and she finally stopped crying! When I laid her down again to get her dressed she wailed some more. Once I picked her up again she was happy. It was like she was still mad but didn’t remember it was me pulling her away from her food that made her mad and I was the only thing that could calm her down! Whew! Life is going to get interesting!!


Despite all those silly fits, she’s just so fun right now!! Love that girl!


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Lots of progress was made on the house this week. They passed all the rough inspections (electrical, HVAC, and plumbing) to start the drywall! You can tell in the picture below that they’ve completed all the rock around the house – except for the rock around the patio columns. They poured all the final steps on the front patio and the side door concrete pad.


We went over on Saturday and swept the whole house! It took two and a half hours for Zach, his dad and me to clean it all – they took brooms and swept each room, while I used the shopvac to sweep out all the corners and in between all the walls. This way when they start insulation and drywall this week, all that dust won’t get trapped in the walls! I was even able to get quite a bit a gunk out of the floor vents!

The above picture is in the Building Our House photo album.