Sick Again


Ellie and I got sick again this week with colds. Ellie threw up a few times early on in the week and we couldn’t figure out what might be wrong with her… then she got super congested and I got a cold. So we think the reason she was throwing up was because of the mucus in her throat – yuck! Poor baby!

We’re both feeling almost 100% better today but we skipped church to make sure we don’t get anyone else sick! Ellie’s nose is still pretty runny!

We enjoyed extra snuggles since Ellie was sick – the only good thing about having a sick baby!

Daddy snuggles!


Mommy snuggles!

Despite being sick and a little more snuggly, Ellie played and played just like she always does. We think her vocabulary is going to EXPLODE any day now because she’s picking up more and more words!


I gave Ellie another haircut tonight – I cut her bangs for the second time and cut the back of her hair for the first time. I didn’t get an “after” picture, so you’ll just have to see next week’s pictures. I basically gave her a “bob” haircut and I think it looks adorable! 🙂 Luckily Ellie still fits in the Bumbo and she’ll sit pretty still with a show on the TV for her to watch!


We bought the Jesus Storybook Bible this weekend… Ellie doesn’t concentrate on long stories yet and this book has a little too many words per page, but we’ve started reading one story from it each night before bed – while she kinda runs around and plays with other toys and books. It’s such a neat Bible story book and hopefully she’ll start enjoying it as much as we do!

We bought Ellie some summer sandals this weekend and I had her wear them for a few minutes after bath time one night. She didn’t want to take them off! So she twirled and twirled them them on! Once we put her PJs on, she wanted her shoes on again – so Zach put them over her footed PJs! Here’s the funny video:

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The inside walls, trim, doors, window sills and railing were all painted at the house this week! It looks SO GOOD! Here are a few pictures we took:


Great room view!


The above pictures are in the Building Our House photo album.