Sibling Love


It feels like it’s been a long week. Although, nothing bad has caused it to feel that way, so I guess that’s a good thing! Ellie still has a runny nose and quite the cough! Because of that, we stayed home from Bible Study and Church again. Hopefully this week we can get back to normal activities!

I was able to take a lot more pictures this week, which was awesome! Ellie really loves holding Ethan these days and being near him, so I have lots of great photos of that. I think they really love each other:


I’m going to love seeing him become more and more interactive and see how these two get along! Oh how I love my two kids!!!!!!!


Some dear friends of mine lost their 19-year-old son in a car accident last Sunday. What devastating news! My heart has been hurting for them! I can’t even imagine what it would be like to lose a child so young! Having them on my heart brings tears to my eyes as I hold each of my kiddos! Every day is a gift – no matter how trying and difficult one day may be, these kids are a gift and I won’t take that for granted.

In light of not taking things for granted… here are some funny things Ellie said/did this week:

  • I wiped her hands with a wet-wipe that had been in the car over-night. It was pretty cold, but it’s all I had. When I was done, she said “mommy, my hands are cold.” Perfectly! Usually she says words out of order or the wrong tense to make her point, this time it was perfect!

  • One day I was folding laundry and she was playing near by. She kept saying what I thought was “book” and I said “sweetie, let me put this away and we’ll read a book.” She said it a few more times and I kind of ignored her, then she said “MOMMY! FLY! BUG!” And I realized she’d been saying “Bug” all along. There was a dead fly on the window sill! ha! She’s really good at figuring out different ways to make her point if we can’t understand what she’s saying!

  • There have been a few times lately that we’ve asked “why did you do….(fill in the blank)?” and she’ll say “because I can”. I’m not sure where that came from, but it just cracks us up.

  • She’s starting to call Zach “Daddy” now. She’ll use both names for us these days (mama, mommy, dada or daddy) – and we love it!

  • We were at the grocery store on Friday and I smelt something stinky in the vegetable section. Just then, Ellie said “Ewww Gross!” And I said “what Ellie?” She plugged her nose and said “Pee Eww!” It was hilarious and exactly what I wanted to say!

  • Lately if you ask her a question and the answer is “no”, she responds with “ummm, nope!” I think she got the “nope” from Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, but I’m not sure why she’s doing the “umm” part, but it is really cute.

  • She asked for a pony tail this week and even though she won’t keep it in very long, I’ll do it whenever she wants because she looks SO BIG when her hair is pulled up!

  • One day we went upstairs to get Ethan from his nap (in the swing). I was putting some things away after I turned his swing off and Ellie came over to him, held his hands and said her little prayer (identical to last week’s)… oh so sweet!

  • She’s getting so much better at helping put her toys away these days. We still have to help and give her lots of encouragement to do it, but she’s getting there!

Ethan slept all night last night! I changed his sleeping arrangements this weekend, so maybe that helped! I used to lay him in the crib sideways, on his side, with rolled-up blankets to keep him on his side. Well, as of late, he’s started moving around A LOT more so we decided that having the extra blankets in his crib was not good. Now I just lay him on his back and he figures out how to get comfortable on his own. He’s also too tall to lay in his crib sideways now. The other night I woke up to screaming (not normal) because his fist was stuck in the crib rails! I was easily able to pull it out, but he couldn’t. So my solution to that is to NOT lay him sideways anymore – he’s just too tall! AND we put up the breathable crib bumper. Last night he moved around a whole bunch – making a complete 360-degree turn throughout the night. He went to bed at 8:15 (it was a rough evening for us), I did a dream-feeding at 10pm and he woke up at 6:30am! Wow! Was last night a fluke? I don’t know, I’ll fill you in next week! 🙂

Ethan takes GREAT naps in the swing or in his car carrier, but is still only taking 35-45 min naps in his crib. I try at least once a day to get him to nap in his crib, but the rest of the time I use his swing or take advantage of a quick drive in the car at the perfect time for him to fall asleep. If he falls asleep in the car he keeps sleeping in his car carrier when I bring him in the house, it’s quite perfect! I’m so proud of him for sleeping great at night in his crib, so I know there’s hope for naps in the crib too… we’ll get there, just have to keep trying!

Ethan smiles so much these days and coos like crazy! He loves smiling for us when we talk to him!


But also makes really funny faces sometimes!


He’s gotten better at holding toys lately….


Here are two funny videos of Ellie from last week. The first one is her helping daddy read a few lines from the “Oh Say Can You Say” Dr. Seuss Book. She’s saying “Hooey, Phooey, Saint Looey!” I LOVE THIS!

This next video is just before nap time one day, she likes to pull out our laundry hamper and climb on it. This time, she stood on it and kept repeating “I getting tall!” I love how her voice is so high-pitched!

These kids are so much fun!

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