Shower Demolition Day 1

Tearing out the first wall… P.S. We wore safety glasses AND gloves during all the demolition… complying with OSHA standards 🙂

The first day of demolition started at about 7 pm and we were done by 10 pm… we got all three walls and the entire tub out in a snap! Even getting some stuff cleaned up as well! All the pictures have spots on them – they look like water spots, but we think they are flashes of dust in the air… oops!

Here’s us with the second wall down and working on the third…


How do we get the tub out??? The sawzall that we just bought from Harbor Freight didn’t work… so we had to hammer it out…


And finally… there’s a huge cement pile that was underneath the tub… we’ll work on that tomorrow! Stay tuned!!