She Likes It!


We’ve been more consistent with trying solid foods every night for the past few weeks and it seems as though it finally paid off! After giving up on rice cereal, we moved to oatmeal as well as trying some mango baby food – it’s pretty sweet and she does seem to like the taste on her lips. Up until now we had still been unsuccessful with spoon feeding. Even if she took the spoon herself, she wouldn’t really attempt to eat with it…

A few nights ago she only wanted to suck on the bowl that her food was in and then we could quickly scoop a little into her mouth at the same time. She wouldn’t fight the spoon when we did that, but she also wasn’t really swallowing much. Last night she finally started swallowing her oatmeal – but she totally fought the spoon… so I had to find ways to trick her so I could shove the spoon in her mouth. If it made it into her mouth, she would swallow. Then we tried some mango and she leaned in a few times to take a bite. That didn’t last long – as she melted down pretty quickly and I whisked her away to a bath to begin our bedtime routine.

Tonight she still wouldn’t open up for the oatmeal for the first few bites so I moved on to the mango. After the first bite she was leaning in for almost every bite! It was SO cute! Then I mixed some mango with the oatmeal (I tasted it first to make sure it wasn’t gross) and she ate maybe 2 to 3 table spoons!!

It was so exciting to see her really interested in taking bites tonight!! What a cool experience… I can’t wait to try different foods! Right now I have some apple baby food and some carrot baby food. We’re following the “introduce a new food every 3-5 days” rule, we’ve done mangos for 5 days now, so maybe we’ll try something new tomorrow night.

Here’s a video of Ellie leaning in to eat her mango dinner tonight: