Setting the Tile, Days 3 & 4


We finished the wall tile and the seat tile last night so late that there was no way anything was going to get posted on our blog! So here is days 3 & 4 now 🙂

We had a softball game tonight at 7 pm, so we got home from work and tiled the curb (the step into the shower) and headed to our game. We played awesome and beat the other team by 10 or so. Then we came back home to finish putting the bullnose edges on the sides of the wall. It looks great!!!


Look at those finished edges!! 🙂

Tomorrow we will caulk the window and put the final tiles around the window – which also serves as our shelf for shampoo, etc. We were able to order our shower door today, so hopefully it will get in by Friday and we can install it this weekend. After we clean up some of the tile tomorrow, we’ll do the grout. We’re in the final stretch!!!!! Can’t wait to use our shower!