Setting the Tile, Day 2

The finishing touches - kind of...
The finishing touches – kind of…

So we said we wouldn’t tile today. Victoria is in town for 2 weeks for work and came in a day early to hang out with us. So last night we went to a Colorado Rapids (Major League Soccer) game… it was at their new field and only the second game they’ve played at that field. It was so much fun – a great new experience. Then this morning we showed Vic where we got married and did a little bit of shopping. We had lunch at the Spicy Pickle (we got Vic hooked) and then took her to her hotel so she could get her ducks in a row for her next few busy weeks.

So that meant that we decided we could come home and get some more tiling done. So, yet again, we kept our roles of “Lori the tile layer” and “Zach the tile cutter”. Here’s a picture of Zach cutting the tile in the garage (wearing safety glasses!). See the mess – a torn up tub and sheet rocked walls of old tile. It’ll be a while before we get all that thrown in our garbage can – each week a little more!

Up above is me putting up the last row (half way) because we ran out of mastic (we’ll have to go buy more tomorrow). So as you can see (other than the last few top tiles), we only have the bottom 1/3 to finish!!! We can’t believe how fast it’s going! And we’ve having fun doing it!  🙂

If you notice in the picture above, the tile goes all the way up to the wall, but we’re missing something. Do you know what it is? Well, as I was putting up the second to last top row, Zach came back up after cutting a tile and said “Guess what we forgot to do?” And I said “OH NO! The boarder!!” We had bought some really neat travertine decorative tiles to make a nice boarder at like the 5 to 6 foot height. We even made the comment earlier today “let’s not forget the boarder!” But we were going so crazy fast that we totally forgot about it!! And we sure weren’t going to remove a row and a half of tile to put the boarder in. So, we’ll be returning those boarder tiles tomorrow and just have a shower without the boarder. Though now looking at an almost finished project, we like it without the boarder (though we don’t really know what it would look like with it). We feel like the boarder would have broken up the height of the shower – this way, the room will look more dramatic and tall. So, we made a good mistake 🙂

Okay, that’s all for now. We’ll pick back up again tomorrow. Don’t forget that all these pictures on are in the Home Improvement Photo Album. (Those home improvement pictures are in order of projects we’ve done. So the basement photos are at the end, hardwood floors in the middle and shower at the beginning, but not in backwards order – meaning the first picture you see is not the most recent. Sorry if that’s confusing) 🙂