Setting the Tile, Day 1

Lori Setting the Tile
Lori Setting the Tile

We have a friend coming into town this weekend, and since I just got home late last night, we had this morning until about 3:30 pm to get some tile work done on the shower. We made awesome progress! We got us about 1/3 of the shower all tiled today!! Once Zach helped me with the first few pieces, I started laying the tile and he’d measure and make the custom cuts on the wet-saw in the garage. We’re  a great team! We had to go to Home Depot to buy a RotoZip (think Dremel on steroids) and a diamond bit to drill holes in the porcelain tile for all the different shower heads! And with all that, we still got 1/3 done! We plan to work Monday night, Tuesday night and hopefully be done by Wednesday night! The faster we get the tile set, the quicker we can get our shower door on order (we have to give them exact measurements after we get all the tile up on the walls), then as soon as that comes in we’ll be able to install it and enjoy our shower soon after that!! Yeah!! Stay tuned for more pictures in a few days!