San Francisco – The Bay City!

The Golden Gate Bridge
The Golden Gate Bridge

We got to San Francisco on Wednesday night and walked around downtown to find some dinner. We finally found Lori’s diner! Zach had seen this diner two years ago when he was out here for a work trip, but had forgotten about it. If you’ll notice in our gallery pictures, we had an “ILORI” store-front picture, a “LORIN” store-front picture – but not Lori’s… and so we finally found a place with my name! That was kinda funny!

Thursday morning we got up and had a quick breakfast before heading to Lombard Street – the crazy windy road in San Francisco! It’s amazing because there are houses right there ON that street! We were amazed at all the super-steep streets in San Francisco! Good thing they don’t get snow!

We headed to Muir Woods National Monument to do some hiking. There are giant Redwood trees everywhere! We did a nice 3 mile hike around the park – part of which went really high and wore us out! It was so beautiful! It rained most of the time but because we were in the trees we could hardly feel it – it was almost like being in a rain forrest! After leaving Muir Woods, we stopped to take pictures at the Golden Gate Bridge.

Thursday night we had tickets to go visit Alcatraz! We took a boat out to the island, only a mile and a half from the piers in San Fran. The tour started with a guy on the boat telling us about the island, etc. Once we got to the island, we did a walking-audio tour of the prison area. I’ve seen audio tours at museums before, but never thought they’d be cool. This audio tour was very cool – that’s what made it so close to a real-life experience! It was so weird being ON Alcatraz!

Friday morning we got up and headed towards wine country!

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