San Diego Trip


We took a week-long trip to San Diego last week and had a blast!! Zach had signed up for a three-day class a while back and we decided we should tack on a few extra days to make a family vacation out of it!

When we headed to the airport on Sunday morning we had a slightly disturbing surprise – over night Ethan went from an easy-going, laid-back toddler to a terrible-two’s-toddler. He had random fits of screaming at the airport and we were so worried the airplane ride would turn out horribly! I had packed enough activities, snacks and iPhone/Tablet games/movies to keep him happy enough – he only had one minor meltdown on the plane. Ellie, on the other hand, did amazing on the plane ride… she surprised us too, and in a good way!

We got to San Diego before lunch and headed straight to Coronado Island! We had lunch and then went to the beach. We played in the waves for almost an hour and had a blast! Of course, because we were on the beach, we didn’t take any phones or a camera to the beach so we didn’t get any pictures – Total Bummer! When we were done, the kids were covered from head to toe in sand but they loved it! We checked into our hotel – which was the prefect hotel for our trip. We got a suite – so a bedroom attached to the main living area and a full kitchen.

Zach’s class was Monday through Wednesday – so we would take him to class, go do a fun activity, head to the hotel for naps and then pick Zach up for dinner. On Monday we went to the San Diego Zoo. I was a little nervous to take both kids to the zoo by myself but with the double stroller it wasn’t too bad. On Monday after dinner we took the kids swimming at the hotel pool – it was so fun! On Tuesday I took the kids to a really fun fountain park. The kids had a blast! On Wednesday we went to the San Diego Zoo Safari Park – it was awesome! We rode the carousel a ton of times, rode a run little hot air balloon ride and the safari tram. That safari park was so neat! I definitely got my workout those three days with the kids!




On Thursday we all headed to Legoland!! Just as we got inside the gates, the “Everything is Awesome” song came on over the radio and Ellie just about lost her mind!! Ellie got to ride her first roller coaster and she loved it! The lines for rides were pretty short and even though Ellie was too short for some rides, she was still able to ride quite a few fun rides! Ethan was fussy off and on throughout the day but overall the day was great! On Friday we went to the aquarium and took the kids swimming again.



Saturday morning we packed up and headed to the airport. The terminal at the San Diego Airport wasn’t as fun as at DIA, but we managed to keep Ethan happy. We made the whole plane ride home without any tantrums from either kid! It was great!

We really had a fun time in San Diego! We had lots of yummy food too!! It was great to be able to take a family vacation as part of Zach’s work trip! It definitely was exhausting with two little ones but I just kept reminding myself that next time we take a trip, they won’t be this little.


It was great to get back home though!! 🙂

See more pictures from our trip in the San Diego 2014 photo album.