Salt Lake City Trip Equals GOOD FOOD

Guy Fieri’s poster at Pat’s BBQ in Salt Lake City - from the Food Network TV Show “Diners, Drive-ins and Dives!”
Guy Fieri’s poster at Pat’s BBQ in Salt Lake City – from the Food Network TV Show “Diners, Drive-ins and Dives!”

This past week we were both in Salt Lake City, UT for work. We had some great food while we were there! I’m not sure why we always talk about all the great food we have a random places, but that’s one of the ways we enjoy trips – with good food!

Tuesday night we ate at a Sushi joint called Takashi. It’s a favorite with EVERYONE we work with and it’s a must for every trip (Read: even when Zach was in Salt Lake a few weeks ago – he had Takashi – and the next few trips he’ll make this month, he’ll have Takashi probably every trip!) I’m not a huge Sushi fan, but I’ll go and enjoy some of the other food. So even though eating at Takashi is nothing new to our taste buds, we have never blogged about it before! So – that’s a SLC fave.

Ok, so you know we watch Diners, Drive-ins and Dives on Food Network because we blogged about some Captain Crunch French Toast a while back. Well, we recently saw TWO restaurants in Salt Lake City on the show and decided we should check them out next time we got a chance!!

Wednesday morning we planned on hitting up Ruth’s Diner. We did NOT see it on the TV show, but a friend of ours came across this Diner a few months back and it’s AMAZING! Homemade biscuits as an “appetizer” while you wait for your breakfast and the best raspberry jam! YUM! So we try to hit up that place when we can for breakfast while in Salt Lake. On our way to Ruth’s Diner, we saw a sign saying they were closed for remodeling until April – OH NO! So Zach had the great idea to look up the Blue Plate Diner since we’d seen it on the show! We pull up and it’s definitely a DIVE – it’s a hole-in-the-wall place, but it’s the Blue Plate Diner that we saw on TV.. it was a yummy breakfast!!

About a month ago, while Zach was in Salt Lake without me, for work, he found a place called Pat’s BBQ…again, another hole-in-the-wall place… but great – not as awesome as Rudy’s, but definitely in 2nd place! (see our Valentine’s Day Blog about past Valentine’s Day dinners at Rudy’s BBQ – the best BBQ ever!). So since he told me about Pat’s, I’ve been wanting to go! Wednesday night we had the chance to go to Pat’s. It’s off a main road, down what appears to be an alley and behind some random store. You walk into the restaurant from what seems like the back and into the dining area. It’s got picnic tables just like Rudy’s. The staff is really friendly and the food was great! I got my fill of BBQ!!

So – not only did we enjoy good food in Salt Lake, like we always do, but we hit up two of Guy Fieri’s “Diners, Drive-ins and Dives” restaurants in one day! How cool is that? The picture above is the poster Guy signed at Pat’s BBQ!

Stay tuned for our next food adventure! 🙂