Sadly…No more Comments Allowed

Ross and I in Mexico...clearly unrelated to this fact, I can’t fathom a blog where this picture would be applicable...but it sure is fun!
Ross and I in Mexico…clearly unrelated to this blog…in fact, I can’t fathom a blog where this picture would be applicable…but it sure is fun!

Believe me (Zach), it’s not that we DON’T want your comments on our blog…we love hearing from the ones we love…BUT

Someone has ruined the process for everyone.

Let me explain.  Unfortunately, when you put something on the internet, the magic of Google, Yahoo, and the like find your website and make it searchable…don’t ask me how, but I suspect they have a room of elves scouring the internet for new pages.  Because ANYONE can access our website, it is possible for anyone to read our blog, and therefore comment on the pages that they are viewing.  This allows for any submitted comment to be immediately posted to our website…without our approval.

Lets just say that a couple of unwanted comments made their way onto our site, and, long story short, we’ve removed the comment functionality.  We thought this to be the best procedure (as opposed to password protecting the entire site) because we don’t want to burden those that we love with the headache of “logging in” every time you want to catch-up.

At any rate, the rogue comments have been purged from memory (both online and personal), and all is well.  Anyway, if you wanted to comment on this blog and didn’t notice the “Add comment” button like before, your browser is not malfunctioning…it’s simply not there.