Rumba Weekend

The Valentine’s Fondue at our Young Married’s Valentine’s Social
The Valentine’s Fondue at our Young Married’s Valentine’s Social

We had a very busy weekend – probably one of the busiest weekends in a while – and it was a long weekend!

We went skiing at Copper on Friday with Jake & Susan from church. We had a blast hanging out and enjoying the weather! When we got back home Friday night, it started snowing… just a little, but enough to enjoy it!

Saturday we got up and did our normal Saturday-morning type things, but then we washed Zach’s truck and got prepped for our Young Married’s Valentine’s Social. This year, Zach & I are on the Socials committee with two other couples at church. Our first social was Saturday night. We planned for a few weeks and finally it all came together on Saturday night. Zach was wonderful and cut all the fruit and made the fondue for our event while I got ready. We picked up Missy on the way there – since all the kids were being baby-sat at Seth & Missy’s – Seth had to be there to meet everyone. Luckily, Seth was able to bring a few extra things we’d forgotten… Missy had to call him twice on our way to the dance studio!! We got there a few minutes early to get everything set up and ready. The picture above is the great spread of food we had… there are a few more desserts and a drink fountain that didn’t make it into the picture! It was all so yummy!

The evening started with a fun ice breaker for the 10 couples that came for fellowship, dance lessons & fondue! After enjoying a little fellowship, we had our dance lessons… we learned the Rumba…. it was a blast!! We all came out of our shells and enjoyed learning and practicing! Then we enjoyed the yummy food and had some more time with our friends! We cleaned up and headed home… feet worn out and arms tired… but it was so much fun!

Here’s a good picture of a lot of us dancing:


We set up the camera on a tripod and Zach used the remote to take a few shots during the evening.

Sunday we went to church, enjoyed lunch out with the class and took a nap. Sunday night we enjoyed one of our 5280 meals of the week. We’ll blog about Denver Restaurant Week after Friday’s other 5280 meal!

We had a fun and busy weekend! I totally needed a nap on Sunday to help me be able to start the week at work – so even though Zach doesn’t benefit from naps – he indulged me anyway!