Rough Week


Ellie had a rough week! She had a really tough time going to bed Monday night – thrashing around and screaming a lot. We thought maybe she was getting her two-year molars. Later that night Zach asked if her mouth was hurting and she said “no, knees!” The next morning she told me the same thing. So then we figured it was growing pains and didn’t think much about it. She seemed fine for a few days and then started to act yucky again on Thursday morning, saying her knees hurt again. She was in a really bad mood and fussed at everything. At nap time, she was drinking her milk and threw up! Of course it scared her and was no fun. Luckily, Ethan slept during the whole ordeal. Once I got her all cleaned up, she did NOT want to take a nap. I couldn’t blame her, so we just lounged around and watched movies the rest of the afternoon. She just laid around, barely moving… that’s NOT typical of Ellie. She definitely did not feel well! Zach came home early and she laid on his lap while he did some work.


She fell asleep on his lap and stayed asleep through a phone conversation he had!


She had a fever, so we gave her some medicine and that helped her sleep great Thursday night – we were so thankful! Friday morning she woke up and was still feeling pretty yucky though. We laid around all day watching more movies. She even fell asleep on my lap for an hour! It was so sweet to have her be so cuddly! I hated that she felt so yucky, but we cherished the extra snuggles we got this week!

I called the doctor on Friday afternoon to check to make sure the knee pain was really growing pains and not a big deal. Since she had a fever and had thrown up, they thought she might have a virus which could be causing the joint pain. They told me they needed to see her right away. I got the kids in the car quickly and we headed to the doctor. Zach met us there. She was tested for strep – which came back negative. The doctor checked her ears and saw she had a pretty bad ear infection in her left ear! He believes the knee pain was probably from the ear infection – the infection getting into her joints, and the throwing up episode could be because of her equilibrium being off. We got some antibiotics and headed home. Her appetite was back and she wanted to eat a bunch of different foods! I refused to let her have her milk at nap and bedtime until Saturday afternoon, worried that it would make her sick again. She hasn’t thrown up since the one time on Thursday. We canceled our play date scheduled for Saturday and skipped church on Sunday just to make sure she didn’t pass anything to any other kids.


By Saturday, she was pretty much back to her normal self – being sweet and funny. We took her to the park and she had fun playing in the fresh air! We have to do antibiotics for another week, but Ellie takes meds a little better than she did as a baby, so it’s not too bad.

Despite Ellie’s rough week, Ethan was all smiles this week! I was able to get quite a few pictures of him smiling, which was great!


He’s getting so strong these days. When I have him on my shoulder, he likes to stand up. He can stand up for a long time and it’s so much fun watching him work so hard at it! 🙂


When Ethan is napping, he LOVES to nuzzle his nose into something. It’s a little nerve-wracking, but when I can keep an eye on him I lay him in something snuggly so he can get comfy. It’s pretty cute!


The sweetest thing this week was at breakfast Saturday morning. Ellie said she wanted to sing Ethan a song. We asked what song she would sing and she said “Jes Loves Me”. She never sang it to him, but it was pretty neat to hear her say “Jes Loves Me”. She LOVES checking on Ethan… she’ll come over to him and say “Check Ethan?”, take a look at him and then go back to whatever she was doing. She really does love her brother! We all do 🙂

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