Roll Over, Roll Over


At 21 weeks, our little Ellie Bear rolled over in her crib and we didn’t even see it happen! All week long we worked with her to try to get her to roll over. She’s so close… she’ll get her lower body turned over so that both of her feet are touching the ground, but her arm gets in the way.


On Friday morning, I took her sleep-sack off and just had her hang out in her crib while I got her bath ready. I was in the bathroom for less than a minute. I came back into her room and she was on her belly!!! After snapping a few pictures for the “this is the day it happened” story, I rolled her back over and congratulated her by clapping and holding her hands up high and saying “yeah!!!” in an excited voice! She giggled at me while we did that. What a sweet day! Of course, since then she hasn’t rolled over on the floor (or in her crib) no matter how hard we’ve tried. She’ll get there!

This weekend has been a rough one. We are trying to reset her brain to not wake up every two hours at night. So Thursday night, Friday night and Saturday Zach has spent many hours up with her – rocking her, “shhhh-ing” her and just sitting by her side trying to calm her down. I know that she probably needs to eat once at night. I would really like to be able to put her down at 7pm, have her wake up maybe around 1am, then wake up for the day at 7am. I know I can’t ask for the world, so right now we’re just trying to get her out of the two-hour habit! Needless-to-say the rough nights make for sleepy parents during the day (which is why we try stuff like this during the weekend). Even she was exhausted tonight as I was putting her to bed.


The past two nights, Ellie has had an hour and a half where she thought she wanted to eat and would not go back to bed. Zach’s rocking didn’t calm her down any, so he put her back in the swing and we let her cry it out. Wow. That’s a tough thing to do. Both nights, we just sat there, in the dark, hearts hurting and she screamed and screamed. We could tell when she was starting to give in and thankfully she feel back asleep. That was only one instance of when we’ll have to let her cry it out (there’s still bed times and nap times to go) so it’ll be interesting to see how she does as time goes on. I don’t think it will get any easier on us though.

We tried rice cereal in the evenings before bed time multiple times this week. We tried feeding her while she sat in the Bumbo, we tried while she she’s sat in the bouncy seat – she’s just not interested yet. We’ve also tried to put rice cereal in a bottle and feed her that way (just for bed time) – she won’t take that either. She doesn’t really like taking a bottle anyway – so that coupled with the fact that she is a little more fussy in the evenings makes it really hard to get her to take a “new kind” of bottle feeding. We’ll keep working with the rice cereal at dinner time a few times a week and eventually she’ll catch on. I do let her hold one of her spoons while she sits with us at the table during dinner time and she puts it in her mouth – at least we’re getting her used to having the feeling of the rubber spoon in her mouth.


I got a haircut this weekend. My hair is shorter than I have ever worn it… and I love it! I’m still getting used to seeing me in the mirror with short hair, but I really do like it. It’s easier to take care of too… that’s always nice when the majority of your time is spent caring for an infant.


What a sweet girl… even with tough evenings she is such a blessing! Here’s a link to this week’s pictures in:  March 2011 album.