Remembering Grandma Moon

Grandma Moon with Dad at Ross & Mindy’s Wedding Reception
Grandma Moon with Dad at Ross & Mindy’s Wedding Reception

Grandma Moon (Kent’s mom) passed away last Sunday, April 12th, 2009 – Easter Sunday. We drove out to Wichita on Thursday morning. Howard, Kent’s brother, lives in Wichita – so the entire family was able to come out and stay with them. Howard has 3 kids – Chad, Chris & Lindsay – who were all able to be there with own their families. All of Kent’s kids, Brent, Ross & Zach were able to come out too! Not only did Grandma Moon have 6 grandkids, but she also had 5 great-grand kids. She loved them all!

We spent the weekend looking at old photos and remembering Grandma & Grandpa Moon. Grandpa Moon passed away in 1997. During Grandma Moon’s viewing on Thursday night and the funeral on Friday, we met a lot of people whose lives had been touched by Grandma. So many people were touched by her loving, kind & caring heart. She loved people and never sad a bad thing about anyone. She taught piano almost her whole life and worked in Special Education for 17 years. So many people loved her. She will be greatly missed, not only by her family, but also the residences and employees at the Assisted Living Center she had been living at for about 5 years. One of Grandma’s most interesting visitors was one of her classmates from 1st grade! They were together in school from 1st grade through high school graduation. He told us stories about them growing up and after college both working for the FBI, as well as other stories about her accomplishments.

It was hard to say goodbye to Grandma Moon – but the service for Grandma was so pretty and having all the family together made for a peaceful goodbye.

On Saturday, before we left Wichita, we stopped by Grandma & Grandpa Moon’s grave-site one last time. Mom’s (Glennie’s) parents are also buried in Wichita at another cemetery on the east side of town. So we went over to visit their grave-sites as well.

We’ve posted pictures of Grandma Moon in our Tribute to Grandma Moon Photo Album. We only had pictures of the past year with Grandma Moon – older pictures are in lots of photo albums that the family has!