Remembering Grandma Fulkerson


My Grandma Fulkerson passed away on July 17th, 2013. She was 84 years old! She fell and broke her hip a week prior and her body just couldn’t recover. My folks and the rest of my dad’s siblings (except one because he and his wife are missionaries overseas) headed to Arizona to be with Grandma and Grandpa. They were all there for a few days before Grandma passed away. Although she was frail, it was a good time for all her kids to be there in those final moments!

There was a memorial service for Grandma on Saturday, July 20th. Zach and I both had busy work schedules, so the four of us took a flight out to AZ very early Saturday morning and flew back home Sunday night. It was too quick of a trip, but it was the best we could do.

The memorial service for Grandma was very sweet, it helped me remember so many things about her that I’d forgotten over the years! Growing up, there were a handful of times that Greg, my brother, and I spent time at their house while my parents were away, then a few other visits to their house as a family and finally the trips that brought them to our house for a few weeks every summer. I remember so many bits and pieces from those times with them. Things like the barbie dress birthday cake she made for me, eating banana chips on a little camping trip with them, riding in the fold-down back seat of their tiny truck, all the things she sewed for me, our slip-n-slide they brought for us the summer Greg and I both had chickenpox, all the delicious things she cooked and baked (especially the chocolate-covered graham crackers and buttercream mints), and playing Dr. Mario on our old-school Nintendo!!

Here’s Grandma’s obituary. The pastor read a longer version of her obituary at the memorial service and I just loved it – I need to try to get my hands on it. Basically, it talked about the legacy she left here on earth – in her family and then also in all the other lives she touched over the years. She was a special lady!

Although it was a sad weekend, it was so nice to see all of our family! We hadn’t seen any of them since our trip to Tulsa back in May of 2008. We were able to spend some time visiting – talking about Grandma and talking about life. It was so fun to see the kids playing together – especially Joel and Ellie, who are just a few days apart in age.

Here was a picture we took of all the family at Grandma’s memorial service…


And just the grandkids and great-grandkids who were there…


Here we are with Grandpa


The week following the memorial service, my parents and my dad’s siblings helped clean out and pack up Grandpa & Grandma’s house so that Grandpa can go live with my aunt and uncle in New Mexico. There were so many memories kept in that house! It breaks my heart to think about Grandpa without Grandma… there’s nothing I can do about it but say a prayer for Grandpa and thank God for Grandma’s legacy!