Random Thoughts


I write this blog to document what’s going on in our lives. 99% of the time my writings are about our kiddos. I want to be able to look back (months, years, decades) down the road and be reminded of what our kids were doing, the sweet things that happened and even our struggles. I take notes on my phone throughout the week – silly things Ellie says or does and some observations of Ethan. If I waited until the weekend to type it all out, I wouldn’t remember those great moments! I love my kids, I love documenting our life and I have it captured forever online.

I started back to work this week – still two days a week, which is the best of both worlds. I have the best childcare set up! One day, one grandma comes here and watches Ethan while Zach drops Ellie off at the other grandma’s house on his way to work – picking her up on his way home. The second day is the opposite. Ellie gets to spend all day with grandma one-on-one, Ethan gets the best attention he can without his big sister around and grandmas aren’t trying to care for these two kiddos at once (which is exhausting for me as it is!) It’s a little more of a hassle for Zach to drop Ellie off and pick her up – but for the past two years we haven’t had to pack her up and move her anywhere in the mornings… unlike most folks who have to take their kid to daycare, etc. We have THE BEST moms!

My week was pretty good. I came back to work with things to do to keep me busy… I actually worked more hours at home this week than I normally would, just to get caught up on everything. It felt good to be back because I’m definitely needed at my job! It was easier leaving the kids this time than it was when Ellie was just a baby. My first month back with her, I’d come home from work threatening to quit! I couldn’t wrap my head around how to get stuff done at home, prep for the days I was going to be gone and feel happy about being at work. This time around, Zach and I have a GREAT system at home – we each have our tasks that makes getting through bedtime a cinch and we still have plenty of time to relax in the evenings. That’s a big weight off my shoulders this time. I certainly don’t have anything figured out with Ethan at this point (feeding times, nap times, etc. – he’s still very random each day) but I’m okay with the fact that it’s random and as long as I can give grandmas some idea of how the day will kind of go, that’s good enough. Knowing that Ellie is having a great “big girl” day with each grandma makes me so happy also! Like I said, I have the best childcare!

Here are some funny things about Ellie this week:

  • While at the grocery store on Friday, Ellie watched as a man picked up a box of crackers and dropped it a few times (I’m not sure what his deal was). Every time he dropped it, she said “uh-oh!” I pushed the cart past as quickly as I could, so she didn’t keep embarrassing him! 🙂

  • When she’s pushing her grocery cart around the house, she either says she’s going to the grocery store (groce stores) or Home Depot!

  • Last week I took the kids to Home Depot to buy some duct tape, because we had misplaced ours. The following day, Ellie saw some duct tape at her grammy’s house and kept insisting that they needed to go to Home Depot to get more duct tape!

  • Each day, Ellie will select a stuffed animal, stuffed character or baby doll to be her “baby”. She will pretend to feed her baby chocolate milk and give her baby a bath, just like I give Ethan baths.

  • She still colors/draws with her left hand but eats more often with her right hand.

  • If she’s looking for something and can’t find it (a toy, us, something in the sky), she’ll say “no can see!” and then “there it is!” The way she says it is just so cute!

  • Just today when Zach was ordering food at the drive-thru window, she repeated everything he said, as he was saying it – it was hilarious! Also today, she repeated each tool when they were talking about the tools that Toodles had on Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.

  • She noticed Zach dropped some food on the floor today, and said “dada make mess. Clean up! Oh Toodles!!” She was expecting Toodles to either bring something to help clean it up or that Toodles would clean it up! ha!

  • These days, she says “mama/dada, Merry Christmas to you!” and then gives the sweetest hug. I think it’s her way of saying “I love you!” And to be a little more weird – she was hugging mannequins at the store today! Every single one we saw!

  • She calls lambs, “lambies” (stuffed animals or even pictures of lambs in her books). Someday I’ll miss all these sweet words she says wrong! 🙂

  • When Ethan came home from the hospital, Ellie said her first four-word “sentence”… now, just a little over two months later, she amazes us with things she says each day!

Here’s my sweet girl with her hands in her jacket pockets – the first time I’ve seen her do this…

photo 2

Here are some updates on Ethan this week:

  • The shots did him in on Monday! He was fussy for a few days – they made him really uncomfortable!

  • He’s typically only waking once a night this week (twice so far on the nights after my work days because he’s not used to getting all his milk from bottles during the day yet). He falls back asleep quickly though, instead of a whole hour like he used to.

  • He’s going to bed around 7pm. Sometimes he wakes up after 45 minutes and needs a little help getting back to sleep, but that doesn’t take long. I dream feed him before we go to bed in hopes he’ll sleep a little longer. Today, he slept until 5:15am! After a feeding, he went back to bed and slept until 7:15! 🙂

  • I realized this morning that Ethan wakes up the way Ellie used to for the morning. If he wakes up crying, he wants to eat and then is ready to go right back to sleep – which is an extension of his night-time sleep. If he wakes up and just coos in his bed, he’s ready to get up for the day. Having a happy baby in the morning is so nice!

  • His legs are so strong! He loves kicking and moving around. He’s already hit me in the face a few times with his strong arms too!

  • Ethan wears size 2 diapers these days. Since Ellie is still wearing the cloth diapers and he’s already too big for the lil’ joey diapers, he’s in disposables. He’s wearing 6-month sleepers and is still wearing 3-month onesies and pants, but not for long – they are already getting too tight and short.

  • When I lay him on his side, he can roll over onto his belly.

  • Ethan loves the mobile above his crib. I put him in his crib when I need to get something done around the house and he just grins while he watches it go around and around! He also loves staring at the square pattern painted on his wall and the squiggly pattern on the curtains beside his changing table in the family room.

  • The only thing I’m struggling with these days is helping Ethan fall asleep for naps. He gets fussy and something that helped calm/soothe him the time before doesn’t work the next time. It’s almost as if whatever I do doesn’t work and then all of the sudden he’ll decide he’s ready to close his eyes and fall asleep! I’ve timed how long he’s been awake, how long I’ve tried to soothe him, etc. and I can’t come up with anything that is predictable! He’s also inconsistent with how long his naps are. I’ve tried laying him in different positions and/or in different places (crib, pack’n’play, boppy, swing, etc.) and with different tools (white noise, glow worm, blankets, etc.) but I’m at a loss for helping him! I know he’s still so tiny and we’ll get things figured out eventually but right now it’s frustrating! He’ll sleep GREAT in the car carrier when we’re out and about, but at home it’s not so great! He also won’t nurse when he’s tired, which I think is weird. Aren’t all babies supposed to nurse to be soothed? Ellie was that way. He is not! If he gets tired, he just screams if I try to feed him! So forget trying to nurse him to sleep! Just when I do get him figured out, he’ll change again, so I can’t get too worked up over the frustration 🙂

  • Ethan has started cooing a lot this week. Here’s a video I took earlier this week….