Quilting Texas Tech

Sewing it all Together: My that is a lot of Fabric!!

First off, Happy 4th of July everyone! We went to the high school down the street to watch the local fireworks show on Friday night. It was really cool because we could see three or four other fireworks shows going on around Denver before ours started – since we were on one of the highest points in Highlands Ranch. It was beautiful weather for fireworks! Our 4th of July weekend was spent shopping for bicycles and accessories for biking. We had to special order our bikes, so you won’t get to see them for a few more weeks. We’ve decided that not only would riding our bikes around town be good exercise, we can also bike to work and save some gas on days where the weather is nice. So, we’ll keep you posted on how the bike riding goes, once we get our bikes! We did spend quite a bit of time shopping around (visiting almost every bike shop in the Denver area) for the bikes themselves as well as all the gear we need. As soon as the bikes come in, we’ll be good to go! Not only did we enjoy fireworks and do some bike shopping this weekend, but Lori took this weekend to make Zach’s Texas Tech Quilt!!

Lori? Quilt? What? Yep… I did it! My first quilt! I had decided a few years ago that I would make t-shirt quilts for both Zach and I… someday. We all have those awesome t-shirts from college that we just love to wear or bring back some great memory of college or just plan old pride in our Alma Mater. Making a quilt out of these t-shirts is the perfect way to keep those memories alive, without them remaining in a box or being worn occasionally. So this weekend I decided to get everything together and start sewing!

We already had some of Zach’s Texas Tech t-shirts cut out, so I dug some more out of his closet (yep, when you make a college t-shirt quilt, you can’t wear the t-shirts anymore… that’s kind of sad, but we all have to grow up someday). We went to JoAnn’s on Thursday night to buy some material for the back side of the quilt and the border, some interfacing to iron to each piece of t-shirt material (since it’s so thin), batting to make the quilt thicker/warmer and a few other tools to get me going. I already had my sewing area set up in the basement since Grandma Inman gave me her Bernina Sewing machine a few years ago and Grandma Fulkerson bought me just about everything I could need for sewing. Not to mention that Zach’s mom used to have the same exact sewing machine and so she gave me her sewing cabinet – which gives me lots of working space!

We think I spent about 15-20 total hours on the quilt this weekend. Zach kept me company by watching TV in the basement (it’s so nice and cool down there anyway!) and lending a hand whenever I needed one. Friday I cut all the squares and ironed on the interfacing, so that Saturday I could get to work sewing it all together. I didn’t realize that I’d have all the squares, boarder AND back side all sewed together by Saturday night! So, instead of quitting there, I got all the batting in place with straight-pins so I could tack it all together on Sunday. Now, just a few hours ago I started tacking the front to the back with cross-stitch thread (and Zach tied all the knots for me). After tacking every corner of the square pieces, I didn’t want to thread and tie anymore knots, so I used the sewing machine to tack a few more spots all around the quilt. I sewed up the bottom edge, where I’d left an opening for inserting the batting, and then I was done!

Here it is, Zach’s finished Texas Tech Quilt! A weekend well spent!!

Want to know my favorite part about this quilt? We had some extra small pieces of t-shirt (the front side of a shirt or random Tech apparel) that was too small to be a square of its own. So I took those pieces and sewed them on to the front of some of the squares, kind of like patches. You can see in some of the pictures (if you look at them up-close) where I put the “patches”. I’m already getting lots of great and wonderful ideas for my college t-shirt quilt… just have to find the time and energy to start that one. Hopefully sooner than later I’ll get it started and then get it finished quicker than this one! I don’t think quilting will become a hobby for me, but it has been a fun temporary hobby – a means to a wonderful end product that both Zach and I can be proud of!