Quilting OBU

I did it!  My 2nd Quilt in Two Weekends!
I did it! My 2nd Quilt in Two Weekends!

Well, we didn’t get our bikes this weekend (though we were hopeful they’d come in and we’d get some riding in)… bummer. So, since I’d gotten Zach’s Tech quilt done so quickly last weekend, I decided I’d take this weekend to do my OBU quilt. And in two days and about 15 hours (we counted this time), it was done. I did basically the same thing as I did with Zach’s. I had some random rectangles, instead of squares – since I had a lot more shirts and some of them had very skinny print – so I put those in the quilt throughout instead of making it all linear. I, of course, got some gold border and a green back material. OBU All Hail Thy Name – May thy standard Green & Gold lead eternally! (There you go Grandpa – OBU pride just for you!) I had a really “Official” OBU sweatshirt that says “Oklahoma Baptist University, Shawnee, OK… blah blah blah” that Greg, my brother, bought for me when he went to OBU. I didn’t really want sweatshirt material with the t-shirts on the front, so it ended up being a patch on the back… I really like it.

So there you have it – my second t-shirt quilt in two weekends and I’m done with sewing for a while!!! I enjoyed making the quilts for us because both Zach and I wanted to preserve our college memories – so I feel very accomplished that we have these quilts now!