Playing Catch-Up


March came and went and now we’re halfway into April already! Life is just a little crazy and one of the last things I have time for right now is blogging. This surely won’t be a short blog entry because I have lots of notes from the kids the past month and a half…. but that’s about all this blog will be about!

Here’s a recap of the last few months:

  • Some girls from work threw Jackie a baby shower. Ellie got to come with me and she just had so much fun! Jackie was so sweet to let Ellie help her open some gifts!
  • We all got sick in March – including the grandparents!
  • We had a play date breakfast with Greg, Jen & Noah at Chick-fil-A
  • We had a little celebration dinner for Zach the weekend of his birthday
  • We tiled our laundry room. We want to tile the bathrooms but I’m not sure we’ll get to those any time soon!
  • Zach and I had a get-away weekend to the mountains! We went skiing together for the first time in over three years!
  • We went to a fun birthday party for our friends Zack and Ben
  • Had lunch with Jackie at McDonald’s
  • We had Molly & Dain over for dinner – Ellie loved Molly and Ethan loved Dain!
  • We visited Colorado Mills a few times to ride the carousel and train!
  • We started playing outside almost every day!
  • Ellie and I find some time each week while Ethan takes his morning nap to do a little craft
  • I know I’m totally missing some things, but I just can’t remember everything! 🙂

Ethan has just amazed us this month with everything he is learning! He talks so much more than Ellie did at this age and when we are around other people, they are surprised that he’s 16-months-old saying everything he’s saying!

  • He loves saying “go go go” and running around the house.
  • He yells “no no no” when Ellie is doing something he doesn’t like or if we are not letting him do something he wants to do!
  • He points to our eyes, nose or mouth and says “eyes” and “nose” and “mouth”
  • Several random words he knows are: sun, moon, up, down, open, straw, rock, shoes, socks, hi, bye-bye, cheese, baby (I’m pretty sure he knows tons more, but these are the ones I was surprised he said recently and wrote them down!)
  • Words I understand but at yet understandable by others: “bobble” is bottle, “chew-o” is cheerio, “gape” is grape, “I keen” is ice cream, “pez” or “pep” is puzzle, “day you” is thank you, “ello” is Ellie (it sometimes sounds like “Elmo”, “side” is outside, “peas” is pizza or please.
  • At the middle of March he could say his letters in order – skipping half the alphabet, but the letters were never out of order. Now, half-way through April (16-months) he can say the entire alphabet on his own…. He has a little trouble with L-M-N. His Q sounds like “two” and his W sounds like “bobble-u”. He also attempts to sing the “Now I know my ABCs” at the end, saying half the words and bobbing his head to the “music” as he sings it.
  • Ethan befriended a grandpa at the McDonald’s play place one day. The man had a Denver Broncos shirt on. Ethan ran right over to the man and started pointing to all the letters (and saying them) on his shirt! It was so funny!!
  • He knows and says the numbers in order from 1 to 12.  The only mispronounced number is 7, which he says as “sevel”. Then everything after 12 is 18 until you get to 20 and he screams “TWENTY!!” He also can count backwards – he’ll usually start at 6 (a few times he’s done it from 10) and counts backwards to 1, then half the time says “beep”. We count down with the microwave heating up his milk, every day – multiple times a day!
  • His number recognition and letter recognition is amazing. He can see any number or letter and say the name. He will see words or complex numbers and name every character in order!
  • He walks around the house holding number pieces up from his two number puzzles – ALL DAY LONG! He likes putting two or three numbers together and we tell him what number it is (i.e. 64, 720, 12, etc.)
  • He has an amazing concept of counting. One morning he was lightly poking me and counting as he did it. He poked me 10 times, counting to 10! He also did the same kind of game while placing rocks in a bucket last weekend – counting all the way to 6 (he even dropped a rock – saying 4 – and then said 4 again when he put it into the bucket. That could have been a fluke, but I was pretty surprised!)
  • He now knows “game” and screams it any time he sees my phone – “endless 123” and “endless ABC” are games he plays on the iPhone that he just loves!
  • He pushed the “netflix” icon on my phone one day and started saying “show! show! show!” ha! He’s not very interested in TV. If a show is on, he will watch part of it and then go about doing something else – so the fact that he was saying “show” really meant that he knows when he sees “netflix” that a show is coming on! Smart boy!
  • If we are out and about, he is constantly waving at people going by!
  • He can go full-on temper tantrum at the drop of the hat! He’s just at that age! The one that is the most occurring cause is when he has a milk bottle or sippy cup, he turns it over and tries to shake liquid out of it! I take it away and tell him “no” and he goes bananas! It’s pretty funny!
  • When he sees himself in the mirror he says “hi baby!” and when he sees a baby in public, he says “baby!”
  • While at the dinner table, he is very good at saying “no” if he does not want something. He will sometimes throw the food down or swat my hand away, but I’m quickly learning with the first “no” that he really does mean no!
  • Ethan is taking two naps lately, sometimes for 30 minutes each and sometimes an hour each. I’m pretty sure we should move to one nap soon, but I’m just not excited to see how that will go. I have a feeling he’s not going to be one of those kids that naps for three hours every afternoon!
  • One day Ethan was holing a book in our room while Zach got ready to leave for work. As Zach started to leave the room, Ethan ran after him, book in hand. Zach stopped and Ethan threw the book down – lifting his arms to be picked up! It was so sweet!
  • Ethan finally got his 4th middle bottom tooth. He now has 4 teeth left (before his 2-year molars). I think he’s teething right now. He just had another bad case of diaper rash, so I’m hoping that was why!

Ellie has such a funny sense of humor! She is so sweet and loving – when she wants to be! When she’s a stinker, she is such a stinker!

  • She still wakes up sometimes in the middle of the night and will ask me to go lay with her. She’s so sweet in the middle of the night (usually) and I really do enjoy laying beside her for a little bit!
  • Ellie is quick to ask for forgiveness when she knows she did something wrong. She likes to apologize in her own time – never if we ask her to apologize to Ethan or someone else.
  • We stayed away from food dyes most of March to see if it affected her behavior. In the end, it was such a hassle and didn’t seem to really make a difference – so we are back to food dyes…. which seem to be in EVERYTHING!
  • This kid is SO stubborn! She will put her mind to something and not budge – ever. It’s really frustrating! We have found ways to distract her or convince her if possible. Sometimes we just have to let it go!
  • Ellie had a cup one night in the bathtub that Ethan really wanted. He screamed and screamed for it! Ellie decided to hand it to him to share! He got happy and we told Ellie how proud we were that she chose to share on her own! Then she wanted it back – but at least she was willing to share for a little bit! 🙂
  • She is doing awesome at dance class! I’m so glad we got past those first three really hard weeks! 🙂
  • We’ve been having fun doing different hair styles with her – different pony tails and different braids.
  • Ellie is in a weird place with naps. Some days she just has a “quiet day” in her room or some days she decides she NEEDS a nap! A few times it’s happened that she thinks she’ll have a quiet day and then I find her in her closet taking a nap!
  • Ellie was making a pretend hamburger in her kitchen, with her apron on. She said “I’m the man” and I asked “why’s that?” Her answer: “I’m the chef!” Then I tried to convince her that women can be chefs too!
  • Ellie is really starting to love playing pretend. Most days, she selects one (or many) of her baby dolls or stuffed animals and plays “mommy”. She is so sweet and caring for her babies and I just love hearing the things she says and watching the things she does!

Here are some funny things she has said lately, I took note of it, word for word:

  • “Dad! You spilled my popcorn when you turned left!” (we were in the car, she was eating popcorn from Home Depot… and Zach really had turned left!)
  • She had a conversation with Noah while we were at Chick-fil-a:

    Noah: I’m going to be a big brother

    Ellie: I’m a big sister

    Noah: I’m a boy

    Ellie: I’m a girl

  • While watching “Frozen” when “Let it go” comes on, Ellie says “mom! It’s my song!”
  • One morning we were discussing how to learn to share. When we sat down for lunch, I asked her to pray. She didn’t want to but eventually complied. This was her prayer: “Dear Jesus. Thank you for all of your help to teach me how to share. Amen.” Oh my! It was SO sweet!
  • Ethan was giggling in the car one day and Ellie said to him “Ethan! You might be the funniest guy!” haha!

These kids! So much fun!! Boy do I love them!! I find myself trying to figure out what things can be pushed aside each day so I can focus on them more. They will only be this young for so short of a time!

And look! They kind of share these days! Ellie is trying to show Ethan how to play the numbers game! 🙂


We have more pictures in the March & April 2014 Photo Album.

Here are some videos from the last week. This first one is Ethan saying his numbers while Zach showed him the number puzzle pieces and then him saying his ABCs. He got distracted at the end, but he did pretty good! It’s not often I can get a video of him without Ellie jumping in and getting in the way! The second video is a montage of Ellie’s dance class. We have to sit behind a window to watch the class so I have no sound for what they are actually dancing to – I picked music on the video that matched pretty well, but just know it’s NOT the actual music she’s dancing to! 🙂

These are the first movies of the year in the Movies 2014 album.