Pink & Green

Here are the fabric swatches for our bedding...
Here are the fabric swatches for our bedding…

Before I get into the details about my 25th week of pregnancy and what’s been going on, let me tell you the best news of the past few weeks….

Zach is on his way home from the UK! He left on his 17-day trip on July 10th and is coming home today. I get to pick him up at 4 this afternoon! He went out there on two back-to-back trips for work. He was in Finland for a few days and then jumped over to the UK for the past two weeks. I’ll let him post details and pictures after he returns and recovers! For now, I’ll tell you I’m SO excited for him to be back home today! We were able to talk about three times a day while he was gone. One of those times each day was between 11pm and 3am, my time, but since I had to get up and go to the bathroom in the middle of the night every night anyway, it didn’t bother me one bit to  get a call from my hubby then. It made me look forward to going to bed (if the lack of sleep wasn’t already enough motivation to go to bed early)! I’m not sure what I would have done if I couldn’t have talked to him that much. I can’t imagine what it’s like to be a soldier’s wife who doesn’t get to communicate with their spouse at least once a day! I felt very blessed to be able to catch up with Zach that much each day!

While Zach was away, I worked like crazy to get the nursery decorating going! Once we ordered the bumper and sheets (that’s what those swatches above are), I easily started picking other pieces to go with the bedding. I found some fabric that I loved and Zach’s mom made the crib skirt this weekend. So the crib is all put together and looks ADORABLE!!! I found curtains, some wall decorations, a very cute lamp, ribbon to hang letters on the wall and letters for our little girl’s name. That’s right, we have a name picked – only the first name, not the middle name yet. We’ve had this name written down for years and finally decided this would be her name! We won’t share her name until she is born… so you’ll just have to wait another 15-or-so weeks to find out our daughter’s name!

I stated in the last post that I wouldn’t show her room on here until it’s all finished. So I’m sticking to that, but I really wanted to share the fabric swatches that I’m using to put everything together. Pink & Green are the main colors – paisley, polka-dots and stripes make up the kinds of designs we’re using. I ordered the bumper last weekend – picking those swatches to be CUSTOM MADE the way we wanted it… a week later it was on our doorstep! I couldn’t believe it was that quick! I’m so glad though, because I didn’t want to have to wait much longer to see it! I’ve had a BLAST looking for the perfect accessories for the nursery! When Zach gets home, he’ll help me hang the curtains and make a few more decisions. Then we’ll be pretty much done… well, other than the large project of sanding and re-painting the furniture! The last thing I’m looking for is a big mirror to hang on the wall above the dresser. I know our little girl won’t be NEEDING a mirror anytime soon, but I know it’ll be fun to watch her as she discovers the wonder of a mirror as we change her!

One bad thing about the past few weeks was me almost getting sick again earlier this week! I’ve been so excited to have all this “energy” back that I worked so hard each day to get through my to-do list. I’d come home from work and stencil the wall or do other things on my list. By Sunday night, last week, I was worn out and started to feel sick! SO – I quit for the week, I made sure I came home from work each day and did absolutely nothing! I went to bed early and got lots of extra sleep! So, the one stencil I started on the 2nd (and final) wall, will just have to wait to get done over the next few weeks. I need to take it a little slower, I don’t have a lot more that needs to get done, so I can take my time doing it and make sure I get plenty of rest! I don’t want to get sick because I’m working too hard… and I definitely don’t want to wear myself out before our baby comes, we all know she’ll be able wear mommy out all by herself!

I’ll make sure and post another belly picture next weekend… my belly is looking more and more round these days. It’s only slightly in the way at times, but not too bad! What an amazing journey!