Photo Shoot


We did a photo shoot tonight – for some “official” 2-year-old pictures of Ellie and my maternity pictures. Zach took all the pics – me filling in for a few shots of Zach and Ellie. We took the tripod and remote so we could take at least one family picture! 🙂


The weather has been perfect and we got out to the park just in time for some great sunlight before it went behind the mountains!


Check out the rest of the photos in the November 2012 Photo Album.

Zach washed my car Saturday afternoon while Ellie had fun playing in the water!


My Bible Study group had a baby shower for me this week. They did a tea – each person brining something yummy and two ladies brought their grandmothers’ tea sets. It was a wonderful event and baby boy got some great stuff! We are so blessed!!


There’s nothing new in baby news, other than the fact that we’re so ready for him to be here! I’m having a pretty rough time sleeping, but that’s just how it goes! I ran lots of errands last week so that I’m pretty much ready to go into labor any day now! I’m 38-weeks now, so we’ll see if he shows up early like Ellie did or if he’ll take his time.