The sweetest thing Ellie is doing these days is saying “peas!” to things she wants. The sign for “please” is an open palm on your chest, rotated clock-wise. Most of the time, her “peas” is accompanied by her version of the sign: dragging her hand across her chest – from one shoulder to the other. It’s adorable! She consistently says please when we tell her “no” and she really wants what she’s asking – it’s SO hard to continue to tell her “no”. Other times she says “peas” to snacks or other things that we graciously give her! It’s so sweet!

One night this week, we went in to check on Ellie before heading to bed and found her like this:


She will usually pull one arm out of her sleeper/sleep-sack, but this time she pulled out BOTH arms and somehow pulled her sleeper to her waist and her sleep-sack all the way down to her feet – nothing unzipped! She hasn’t done it since – we just think she was playing and being silly!

We headed up to Black Hawk, CO on Wednesday – just to do something different while Zach had the day off for the 4th of July. We got some Starbucks at the Ameristar and enjoyed our little snack outside in the cloudy weather! Ellie had a super-chocolaty milk and loved it, plus a yummy blueberry muffin. You can tell she was a happy girl – in the picture at the top of this blog entry! We just walked around the town – there wasn’t much to see really. We didn’t spend much time there and decided to head into Idaho Springs. By the time we got to Idaho Springs, Ellie had fallen asleep in the backseat, so we just headed home. We had both sets of grandparents over for dinner that night. Ellie had so much fun with her Grammy & Papa and Gigi & Gramps.

We took Ellie to the Zoo for the first time (other than the zoo-lights visit right after she was born) this weekend. The weather was supposed to be quite a bit cooler than it’s been lately, so we took advantage of the weather.


Once we got there, this pregnant mama had to use the potty. As soon as I left, Ellie flipped out and needed her mama! The majority of the day, Ellie would NOT ride in the stroller or be held by her daddy, Grammy or Papa! She wanted her mommy and her mommy alone! A few times we would let her walk – if she would hold my hand. A few times we had to force her to sit in the stroller to have a snack, once she was happy with her snack, she would settle down a bit. After a few hours, my shoulders were so sore from holding her while walking… but it was still a very sweet time holding her so much!


Ellie really enjoyed seeing the Elephants and Monkeys! We watched the Tigers for a while and Ellie kept roaring at them! It was definitely hotter than we expected, even though it was 20 degrees cooler than it’s been lately! We also rode the carousel – Ellie’s first ride! She just kept saying “weee!” as we rode around and around. She loved it! She was NOT happy when we had to get off!


Ellie was in melt-down-mode for the last hour we were there. Once we got in the car she cooled off and wasn’t in such a bad mood! I’d call the day a success though!  🙂

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Zach was able to feel the baby move this week! It was pretty exciting! Ellie loves pointing at the baby in mommy’s belly! She always wants to touch it and kiss it! We’ll find out this week if we can start calling the baby her brother or sister!

We had a visitor just outside our backyard the other night! An Elk was in our neighbor’s backyard – they don’t have a fence yet, so he walked right up next to their house. We just stood on our patio watching him!


Then he walked around our fence to the other side of our house… just munching on some weeds. It was pretty cool!


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