Ouray, CO

The first stop of our trip - Independence Pass
The first stop of our trip – Independence Pass

For Labor Day Weekend, we decided we should visit South-West Colorado… we’re trying to put more effort in seeing all the beautiful scenery in our backyard!

We had reservations at a Bed & Breakfast in Ouray on Friday and Saturday night – so we left early on Friday morning. We made a stop in Leadville at a coffee shop and an outdoor store. We really like Leadville and visit there when we can. We’ve never been able to drive up Independence Pass to Aspen – so this time we finally did it. It was a beautiful drive. Most of the trees were still very green because it hasn’t been cool enough for them to change colors yet – but it was still so pretty! We spent a few hours in Aspen walking around, going into some stores and then ate lunch before we headed out of town.

We got into Ouray Friday evening and checked into our Bed & Breakfast. Seth & Missy stayed there last year and recommended it to us – we’re so glad they did! We walked around the town and ate at a great Mexican restaurant. I called before we left and found out that the hot springs pool had a section that was 98 degrees so we headed to the pool and relaxed for a while. It was so nice to be outside in the slightly chilly air just relaxing in the warm water!

Saturday we woke up and had an amazing breakfast – with so many different choices! We stuffed ourselves and then walked to Box Canyon Falls. We took the short path to the bottom of the falls, which was pretty, but we knew we really should hike the high trail to see everything from the top. We started the hike and took a few breaks along the way. Being pregnant, I definitely had a harder time hiking up to the falls, but we made it!

Box Canyon at the bottom:

Box Canyon from the top:


What’s weird about these falls is that you can see the river from up high, and part of the canyon where the water enters but you can’t actually see the falls! From below, you could definitely hear the raging water as it falls through the canyon but even from there you can’t see the falls. It was still so beautiful though!

We ate lunch in Ouray and then drove down the Million Dollar Highway to Silverton. We walked around Silverton for a bit, took a toe-dip in the river and then headed back to Ouray. The drive was gorgeous! We had a delicious Italian dinner in Ouray and then we relaxed the rest of the evening by watching a movie in the upstairs lobby of our Bed & Breakfast. The windows were open and the cool mountain air felt great!

The Million Dollar Highway… a scary road:

But gorgeous scenery:


Sunday morning we had another wonderful breakfast before heading back home. We stopped in Gunnison National Forest so we could see the Black Canyon of the Gunnison. We drove around the rim of the canyon a bit, then we took the 16% grade road down to the bottom where the river was. We had a nice picnic beside the river and then headed back up the road. We’re so glad we made time to stop and see the hidden canyon!

Black Canyon of the Gunnison:

Down by the river, taking the 31-week belly picture:


We stopped in Colorado Springs and met Lori’s parents at Rudy’s for dinner. It was a long wait, but sure beats driving to Texas to have our fill of Rudy’s!

We planned the trip so that we would still have a day of rest at home before we had to go back to work. We would have loved to stay an extra day and drive over to Telluride, but we’ll just have to save that for next time. This pregnant lady needed a day of rest at home after that quick little vacation!

There are more pictures on our Ouray Photo Page.