Our Week in Pictures…


It’s been an interesting week. Ellie’s allergies have been really bad and so have Zach’s! Zach was feeling pretty sick earlier this week, but it never got too bad. Ellie has been sleeping poorly and we finally took her to the doctor on Friday to find out she has a sinus infection! Today, I’m feeling like a cold has finally hit me, although my allergies haven’t been bothering me – I guess it’s not tree pollen that bothers me! I hope I can kick it quickly! All that to say, I haven’t taken many notes about the kids this week but I did get some great pictures! So here are some good ones…

Ellie was playing in the diaper box. I asked if I could put Ethan in there with her. She said yes, I got the camera 🙂


This girl’s hair is always everywhere. If we put a pony tail in, she just pulls it out. The head band didn’t stay in very long either…


She likes getting daddy’s old ties and putting them around her next like a “bow tie”… she looks so fashionable!




We pulled the activity bouncer out for Ethan… guess who the first one was to try it out…. if she fits, it’s really hard to say “you’re too big for this baby toy!”


Here are the kids “playing” in the ball pit together…


Can’t wait to see these two really play together SOON! He’ll hold his own soon enough! 🙂

A few weeks ago, Ellie was watching Mickey Mouse Club House… one song is “Clap, Clap. Finger Snap. Time to check the mouske-map!” So Ellie started singing it and when that’s paired with Zach lifting her up from his hands – she looks like a total cheerleader!!! haha!

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