Our Little Jumping Bean


Just this week Ellie has been trying to bounce in the bathtub… She hasn’t actually jumped yet, but it’s so cute to watch. Here’s a great picture from the tub this week:


Ellie’s walking skills are improving with the walker! She also loves walking while holding onto our fingers – we walk all around the apartment everyday! It must be wearing her out because she’s actually sleeping in 4, 5 and sometimes 6-hour chunks pretty consistently!! This is a new record for us! You’d think with all the extra energy spent on walking that maybe she’d be interested in more food – well, that is not the case. We give her about 10-20 different things to much on at each meal just to see what she’ll eat. She loves french fries and found this week that she really likes to gnaw on pieces of roast or chicken nuggets. Every meal time is an adventure – we’re just trying to get her used to eating… we’ll get there! She does like to make a mess… I love the little yogurt-melt in her hair!


Ellie loves the tupperware cabinet! Everyday she tries to get in there and pull everything out. Most days I let her… I’m hoping to eventually teach her how to stack them all again!


Today at church, we snuck to the nursery to see how Ellie was doing – and there she was with her buddy, Don, hanging out and watching people go by between services. When we picked her up, the nursery worker said that she was growling at people when they were walking buy! That’s our funny girl!

We tried a straw sippy cup on Saturday – in just a few short hours she had the hang of it! So proud of our sweet baby!! I’m hoping maybe when we transition to real milk maybe drinking from a straw will be easier. Also, since there are so many different baby foods and apple-sauce foods in packets with a straw these days – I’m hoping teaching her to sip from a straw will help her eat these foods… since she refuses to eat from a spoon!

Silly little challenges this kid brings our way…. but she is oh so sweet and we just love her to pieces!


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