Our Lady Liberty


Ellie all dressed up in a cute red, white and blue outfit was the only way we celebrated Independence Day this weekend… we were too busy working on the basement. Oh well, seeing her dressed like this just melted our hearts…. what blessed parents we are!!


The week didn’t start off so great… Ellie hadn’t had a bowel movement in two weeks. She wasn’t upset, but I figured two weeks was way too long! After talking to the doctor, he told us to have her drink some prune juice. Of course she’s not interested in liquids other than milk and she did not like the taste… who would?!


Eventually we just dosed her with a much prune juice as we could from a syringe like it was medicine! After a day of that, she still didn’t poop and we had to visit the doctor. He checked her out and she didn’t seem constipated because her belly wasn’t rock-hard. He told us to keep trying prune juice and put a laxative in her milk. Another day of that and we had to go to step 2…a liquid suppository. No Fun! She of course cried her head off and within the hour she still didn’t poop! The box said it would happen within an hour. So we put her to bed.

Friday morning she woke up with a nice load in her diaper. I had been using disposable diapers since Wednesday because I assumed it would be any day now that she would have a big bowel movement and I didn’t really want to clean that out of her cloth diapers. I was happy to just throw away that diaper and not clean up a mess. I was happy, she was happy, life was good.


Later that day, Ellie was sitting in the Bumbo with us at the table during lunch. She made a funny face and arched her back and I said to Zach, “I think she’s pooping again!” We both laughed and carried on with lunch. After we ate lunch, I picked her up to put her in her high-chair to feed her some lunch and just as I picked her up, Zach said “Oh my goodness Lori!” because her entire back was COVERED in poop!

I quickly took her upstairs to start a bath. As I started to rip her clothes off, I quickly realized I needed help – Ellie likes to reach for everything and put clothes in her mouth when she’s being changed… she could NOT be putting any of these clothes in her mouth! Zach came up and helped hold her arms while I took her clothes off and wiped her down a bit – and we both just died laughing. Zach would not have believed what a “blow-out” really was if he had not been home with me that day!! He gave her a bath while I tried to wash her clothes as best I could. If we had been using her regular cloth diapers I don’t think we would have had a blow out… until next time, I guess we’ll just have to wait and see how they hold up!

The doctor has recommended we give her a laxative every few days in a bottle… hopefully that helps keep her regular! If she goes a whole week again, we have to do a liquid suppository again… I really don’t want to have to do that!

So, other than our first real blow-out… here are some more things that Ellie has been up to this week:

  • She makes a really cute clicking/smacking noise with her tongue and lips

  • She just started trying to cross her fingers on her right hand

  • She likes standing up with help

  • Sometimes she gets up on her hands and knees to rock a bit – but she would rather just roll all over the floor to get to where she wants to go

We tried some new foods this week:

  • Sweet Potato Puffs – she can grasp them with both of her hands and can put them in her mouth. She only gets about 3 or 4 down before she is done. Sometimes she gets them stuck in her fists and can’t figure out how to get the the puffs… if they get mushy she gets really frustrated that her hands are all dirty!
  • Watermelon – she just squished it in her fists and then got really frustrated that her hands were so yucky!

  • Pineapple – she grabbed it and enjoyed licking it. Eventually it got really slippery and she couldn’t hold on to it.

  • Corn – as soon as it got in her mouth, she would spit it out. I think she swallowed one kernel.

We’ll keep trying with different foods. She’s not really interested in eating baby food or oatmeal from a spoon, so that’s why we’ve tried to open the possibilities to other things.

Ellie is nursing every 4 hours – even at night (most of the time, although last night she was up every 2-3 hours!). When she’s really hungry during the day and we’re at home, she won’t fight with me – she just wants to eat! That’s always nice – I really hate fighting with her to feed her!

This lack of sleep thing is really tiring but I really do love those special moments with her in the middle of the night. Years down the road I won’t remember how sleep-deprived I felt – but I’ll remember all the wonderful extra hours I got to spend with her – rocking and holding her! It will be gone, forever, too soon!


Check out all of this week’s pictures in the new July 2011 album. We love taking pictures of our sweet baby!