Our Happy Girl


This girl of ours is just so happy! She loves smiling at people and everywhere we go people light up when they see her smile! She makes herself giggle more now than we can make her giggle – it’s so funny to see her do something and then crack herself up!


Ellie’s vocabulary is growing, but still very limited. She’ll randomly say “mama” but she still doesn’t get that the word is associated with me. If we say something is gone, she’ll repeat “gon”. If we point at any clock and ask if she sees the clock, she’ll yell with an excited “ca”! When she picks up her “Go. Dog. Go!” book, she’ll say “ga do”. Her name for grape and guitar sound identical (“ga” with a little “ck” sound at the end), but when she points and says it at least we know what she’s talking about.

She loves playing peek-a-boo… it makes her giggle so much!


We’ve mitigated the excessive screaming at meal times by lining up all of her food and drinks so she can point to whatever it is she wants. That’s been really helpful! She’s been taking bottles less and less on days I work and even nursing less and less. I stressed for so long as to how I would possibly wean this girl to cow’s milk. Then after stressing a while I realized it wasn’t getting me anywhere, I just let her do it her way – which makes us all happier. I make her a “smoothie” some days with cow’s milk and a bit of strawberry yogurt – she seems to like it!

She’s gotten better at collecting items and putting them “away”. She started putting blocks into a bucket the other day:


Every time she placed on in, she would throw her hands up in the air as if to say “I did it!”


And then she would look at me with that sweet face!


When I start to drain the tub at the end of bath time, she picks up each of her toys and hands them to me to stack on the side of the tub.

We taught her to stick her tongue out and catch falling snowflakes last night – it was adorable! 🙂

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I forgot to post last week that we had the chance to hit the slopes during Christmas break. We went up on Wednesday, leaving Ellie home with Zach’s mom. There wasn’t great snow, but it was better than nothing. Zach took this great picture on his phone!


Our house is progressing nicely. I took this picture last Tuesday – the following day the siding was complete.


The rough-in plumbing is complete – inlet & outlet. The back patio and front porch have been poured. There is tar-paper on the roof and we believe our roof tiles have been delivered. There have been some HVAC items (mainly floor vents at this time) and the Heating/AC unit have been delivered and put into place.

The above picture is in the Building Our House photo album.