Our Cute Little Fish


We took Ellie swimming this weekend for the first time… she loved it! She enjoyed splashing around in the water and being on her belly.


She liked the taste of the chlorine and kept trying to get a mouth-full! Of course, anything she’s not supposed to eat, she likes! Silly girl! She wasn’t too fond of floating on her back, but she did it a few times. She looked so cute in her little swimming suit too! We look forward to taking her swimming again!

Ellie enjoyed being outside a lot this week. She got to go on a few walks down to the park and swing in the swing again… she just loves it!


With the weather outside becoming a little hotter (well, okay, hot for Colorado), we needed a swing closer to the house. We now have a swing for her in the backyard, thanks to Zach’s mom for buying one at Goodwill. This way we don’t have to take a walk to the park for her to have some fun swinging. We’ll still go on plenty of walks, but this way we don’t have to walk in the hot sun if we don’t want to.

We played on a blanket in the backyard a few times this week – she loves listening to the sounds outside and watching the birds!


The past few evenings Ellie has eaten almost 1/4 of a cup of oatmeal at dinner time. Zach started cheering and clapping every time she took a bite and I think that is encouraging her to keep eating. She hasn’t really liked pears or apples this week so we went back to a little bit of mango with her oatmeal – this has probably helped a bit too. It’s amazing how some kids just instantly love food and some don’t. What a silly child we have!

She is still rolling over onto her belly to sleep so we just check on her more often. She is starting to sleep better this week, though I wouldn’t call it a trend yet. The past few nights she’s only waken up two or three times – yep, I know that sounds horrible still, but it is SO MUCH better than four or five times!

Tummy time has been really fun this week – she gets up on her arms much better and her belly is almost off of the ground.


She tries to get moving with her legs and feet, but ends up just getting them locked straight, tries to roll over and then gets stuck – it’s pretty funny to watch.

Ellie trying to crawl... she pushes with her legs and they get stuck in a straight position. Then she just starts to roll to the side - she's not quite coordinated yet!
The other side - trying to crawl, she gets stuck!

Right now she’s laying on her daddy’s chest, pushing up with her arms and trying to reach for the bill of his hat… be still my heart… such sweet moments!

We took lots of pictures this week because Ellie got some cute new clothes and she just looked so adorable! Every few days I tried to do a fun little photo-shoot with her! Check out this week’s pictures in the new June 2011 album. Can you believe she’s already into her 8th month? Where has the time gone?!