Our Big Girl


Ellie is just a few days shy of 4 months – what a big girl she is! She’s getting stronger – doing a little better at tummy time and sitting up tall in her bumbo.


She started grabbing the ring hanging above the bouncy seat this week, so I put another toy on it. It’s a little piggy that has feet hanging down – when you pull the feet music plays. I hooked it over the bouncy seat, pulled it a few times to show her and about a minute later she pulled it! She’ll pull on it multiple times while sitting in her bouncy seat – it’s so cute!


Ellie is just talking up a storm! We have gotten lots of pictures with her as her mouth is moving and moving. When she wakes up in the morning or from a nap – she’ll just talk and talk. It will be so fun when she starts learning words – she’s got so much to say already!


Something else that’s encouraging is that she’s not throwing up much lately. A few things are contributing to that, I think. I’ve completely stayed away from dairy products (even the “contains milk” type ingredients that are on almost every label!) for a whole week and we can totally see a difference in Ellie. She’s less congested (also attributed to the dairy we believe). She’s not choking and then throwing up like she had been. I think part of that is less gunk in her throat but I think she’s just growing up and learning to not gag and throw up. That’s been really encouraging!


Nap time and bed time are still a struggle sometimes. “Cry it out” doesn’t work with her…. but she’s still pretty young and we think we’ll try crying in out in a few months again. For now, we rock her to sooth her to sleep…. If I’m nursing her right before a nap or bed, she gets drowsy enough that it’s really easy to lay her down. If she’s not drowsy – but definitely tired – I rock her with a pacifier – which takes up to 15 minutes for her to be drowsy enough to lay her down. It’s quite the process, but anything we can do to prevent her from screaming so much now makes me feel better. I really want her to get good naps and I think this is the way to do it for now. Like I said, eventually we’ll work on the “cry it out” phase… that will be hard!

Here’s a picture of Ellie sleeping on her belly… sometimes when Ellie doesn’t want to eat, she will nurse laying down… so we’ve both learned how to do that pretty well. A few times in the afternoons she’ll fall asleep while eating and the other day I just let her sleep. I got up and folded laundry while she slept – but I watched her like a hawk because she was laying on her stomach… something she NEVER does. It was so sweet!


We took lots of pictures this week… here’s the link to some of our favorites in our album:  February 2011 album.