Our Big Girl, So Happy


Despite moving this week and Ellie’s sleep getting a little messed up, she’s just growing, growing, growing and amazing us!

When Ellie pushes a button on a toy to make music play, she turns to look at us with so much joy! She’s so excited that she made the music start. When she pulls up something, she just looks at us with so much pride! She knows she’s a big girl! Also, she finally pulled up on the couch.

We moved out of our house with stairs – just in time… She LOVES the stairs.


She started to figure out how to get up on that next stair all by herself… though she would fall if we weren’t there. Here are a few pictures I took of her trying to get up the stairs, even though I had put some boxes in the way to try to prevent her from doing so:


When she wakes up in the middle of the night, she’s still sitting up – not knowing what to do! Just a bit ago, she woke like she typically does around 10pm and she was standing in her crib. That was a first. It was so adorable though!

She still isn’t doing great with solids – she doesn’t oatmeal or baby food. We work on other random foods sometimes when we can. Since I’m still eating dairy-free, it’s easy to ensure she doesn’t get any dairy yet as long as I give her what I’m eating. Last week, Zach was eating ice cream and she WANTED it… that was the first time she’s actually been interested in something we’re eating. We gave her a cone without ice cream, which she enjoyed munching on. Yesterday, we ate at Rib City and she had some toast, french fries and a bit of rib meat… she actually ate more yesterday than I’ve seen her eat. Today, she ate some more french fries and some new Gerber snacks. It seems like maybe she’ll be more interested in table food – we hope!


Ellie has been babbling up a storm these days. She tends to babble a whole bunch when we’re in the car driving somewhere – she’ll do lots of mama’s and nana’s and dada’s – not realizing it means anything… but it just makes us laugh listening to her.


What a sweet baby we have in our lives… she just melts our hearts!

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