Oh What a Night!


Oh what a night in not a good way! Last night we had a bad night – we haven’t had a night that bad since the first three months of Ellie’s life when she just screamed and screamed all hours of the night!

We had friends coming over for dinner and I put Ellie down at 7 like normal hoping that we would have a nice night while she slept. For the first time in probably a month Ellie would not just lay down or play in her crib – she screamed her lungs out! She’s been pretty congested the past few days and maybe on the edge of getting sick so I didn’t want to let her scream and make her congestion worse. After lots of rocking she would not settle down, so I just let her join the party. She did great, just playing and being sweet – enjoying the attention of other adults! We tried one more time to put her down, but she still wouldn’t go down. So she played downstairs again!

After everyone left at 11pm, she finally went to sleep! THEN she woke up screaming at 3am and we couldn’t do anything to get her to sleep! So we piled on the couch and all watched a Strawberry Shortcake movie. At 5:30 she finally went back down. I was hoping for a 4-hour stretch (for all of us!) but she woke again at 7:30. Nothing could get her back to sleep so we watched the Tigger Movie on Zach’s phone in our bed… none of us fell back asleep! Despite the super-exhausting night it was really sweet watching Ellie enjoy her movies and actually kind of cuddling – when she wasn’t screaming! I’m not sure if she’s teething again or if she’s getting sick but I really hope we can get over this because we’re tired!!!

So, now let’s look at some sweet photos from this week…

Blowing bubbles on the patio:


She loved it!!


Sweet girl playing outside…


Daddy installed her new swing on the patio…


She loves it SO much!! She was so happy to just swing and swing out there this afternoon! We will be spending hours and hours in our new backyard this summer!

Oh, and here’s our finished patio:


Some other fun things from this week include hearing Ellie say some new words. She points to the dots on her high chair and says “dot”! She will point to a hole in a chair, in the wall, etc. and say “hole”. When she wants to dip her food in something she’ll say “de de de” until we give her the dip. She’s repeated the word “comb”, “white” and still will sometimes copy “cold”. Just tonight she started to say the “b” noise for “bird”… until now she’s not been able to pronounce the “b” sound for anything.

Also, we can finally have conversations with this kiddo. I can ask her a question “are you hungry?”, “do you want a grape?”, “do you need to go potty?” and she’ll either answer “no” or will start whatever action would mean she wants it. I hope very soon she’ll start saying “yes” to things, but so far it’s so neat to get a response from her. Takes the guessing out of it! 🙂 I also feel like I can kind of reason with her – “Ellie, you’re squirming while I rock you – I can either lay you in your crib or you can relax and I will keep rocking you”. Reason may not always win over, but it’s such a neat thing to start having these kinds of conversations!

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