October Celebrations!


October is always a busy month for us because we have lots to celebrate! Zach and I celebrated our 6th wedding anniversary last week. It snowed the day before our anniversary this year and last year I think it snowed on our anniversary. Anytime the weather is cold and yucky around our anniversary I just think back to the day of our wedding and I am amazed that the weather was so lovely for our early-October outdoor wedding!


We always look back through our wedding photo album on our anniversary and re-read our vows that I put into our photo book. 🙂 Sweet memories and such a happy life!

Five days later, we celebrated my birthday. I rearranged my work schedule this week so I worked Monday & Tuesday and had the rest of the week off – that way I could be home with the kids on my birthday. We went and had lunch with Zach, which is always nice! We had dinner and cake with the four of us. Ellie was crazy excited about my cake and candles. She did ask what costume I was going to wear and I tried to explain to her that not everyone’s birthday is Halloween. I loved having my babies to celebrate with me! In this picture, Ellie wanted the cake so bad that she was annoyed I made her take a picture with me!


Of course October has been wonderful because of all the dairy I can have — Maggiano’s for our anniversary, pizza and ice cream cake for my birthday! 🙂 Yum, Yum!

We started going to Saturday night church this month! It’s awesome!! Trying to get out of the house on Sunday mornings is SO hard – especially since we don’t typically have to do that during the week. Saturday nights takes away the craziness of Sunday mornings. I hope it continues to work out for us! Ellie seems to enjoy her class and Ethan does great!

Here are some funny things Ellie has said/done the past few weeks:

  • “I’m pooped out from all that running!”
  • Zach slammed on the breaks in a parking lot one day, so Ellie said “Be careful daddy! Don’t hit the car”
  • She has started watching a cute little show about exercising where they have you copy what they do. The characters were jumping over couches buried in the ground (they were couch potatoes) and I asked Ellie “are you going to jump with them?” and all she said was “I don’t have any couches”. It’s funny because she has SUCH an imagination but when it comes to responding to TV shows – she just can’t do it. There’s another show where the character asked the viewers to tell him when to “stop” pouring water. I asked her to say it and she said “It’s just a movie mom, I can’t tell him to stop!” Too funny!
  • We were at some friends’ house last Sunday for the Bronco game and Ellie got to give treats to their dog – saying “sit”, “roll over” and “lay down”. She had so much fun, it was adorable! Then she came home and kept telling us to do the same tricks! ha!
  • There was a little boy at Chick-Fil-A trying to tell Ellie he needed to go down the slide first and all Ellie said was “if you say so!” and she moved out of the way. She’s so sweet.
  • She doesn’t let me take many pictures of her these days – Zach had to demand her stop and smile for me to get this picture of her in her cute winter hat!
Here are some great developments of Ethan’s the last few weeks:
  • Ethan can say “bye bye” if someone says “bye bye” to him. He’s not 100% consistent but when he says it, it’s so cute!
  • Zach said “hi buddy” to him one night and “ha da” was Ethan’s response.
  • Ethan is babbling all the time. He makes the funniest noises!
  • Ethan’s 6th tooth came in! Teething is still pretty hard on him!
  • Ethan LOVES spaghetti-o’s! He doesn’t always like eating food from a spoon, but when it’s spaghetti-o’s he will open up and eat it without fighting the spoon!
  • Ethan has taken a step here and there for the last week. On Friday (Oct. 11th) Ethan took three steps – several times! We were visiting some friends that have a newborn. The dad was on the couch with the baby, Ethan stood up from where he was sitting on the floor and walked to the couch to touch the baby’s head! He took two or three steps a few other times while we were there!!!
  • Ethan played with the tea cups in the bathtub this week and I just had to get a picture of him!

Here’s a video of Ethan being silly…. it’s kind of boring, but I just think he’s so cute!!

We have more pictures in the October 2013 Photo Album.