November, so far…


November is half way over and I don’t even know where it went!! Zach has been traveling quite a bit already in November, so I think that’s made things go by quickly – I’ve also been working extra hours to meet some deadlines in December, so keeping track of everything going on has been hard!

The first week of November, we took Ellie to the Two Way Crossing concert at the Oriental Theater, here in Denver. She had so much fun singing to the songs and dancing and clapping. Blake and Jenny had Ellie and their niece (who is 5) come up on stage with them to sing “Deep End”. They told us in advance that they wanted to bring them up. Ellie was excited but nervous, so we had no idea if she would really go up on stage or freak out. She did GREAT! She sang and was so cute!! She wore ear plugs the whole time – they really made her happy, which was a good thing!



Here’s a video of her singing…

I had a Wildtree freezer workshop at my house last weekend and Zach, along with some of the other guys, hung out in the basement with the kiddos – they jumped on the bounce house and had pizza. I’m not sure who had more fun! The kids play on the bounce house at least once a day! Especially since getting this past week’s worth of snow, it’s been SO NICE having that activity in the basement!

I had quite the drama happen last Tuesday night. Zach was out of town and I went to my parents’ house to pick up both kids (Zach’s mom had dropped Ellie off at my parents’ house so I didn’t have to go to two houses to pick up kids, in the snow). As I drove home with the two kids, I hit a gash in the side of the road. I see that gash all the time and always drive past it. For some reason, that night, I hit the gash on the passenger side tires. It immediately made my van ride right and I knew I’d popped my front tire! I called Zach right away to see if I could still drive on it, he said I had to stop. So I stopped on the side of the road – pulled over as far as I could. I gave the kids the tablet and some lolly pops and got out to change the tire. We JUST bought new tires for the van and purchased a spare tire to sit in the trunk because my van does NOT come with a spare tire. I could NOT get the lug nuts loose, so I called my parents to come help. My dad helped change the tire while my mom kept the kids happy. THEN we realized my back tire was flat too!! So my parents went back to their house to get their van spare tire – hoping it would fit. In the end, the tire fit and I got in the van to head home – my parents decided they should follow me home. I drove a few inches and there was a grinding on the back tire (where we put my dad’s spare tire). It was NOT good. SO – I called road side assistance and my parents took the kids to get dinner and then home, while I waited in the car. I only had to wait about an hour for the tow truck to show up. He took me and the van to a tire shop just down the street – I left the van there (with my two busted tires in the back-end) and my mom picked me up. The next day, I was planning on working – so when Zach’s mom got here, I took her car to the tire place to be the first in line to have them inspect my tires. An hour later they told me BOTH tires were completely busted! I called the dealership and luckily Zach got a road hazard warranty – I just needed to get the tires to the dealership – which is on the other side of town! It was still snowing… so my parents came and got me in their Explorer and we all drove to the dealership. A few hours later I had new tires. We went back to the tire shop and dad helped me change the tires. I drove around the parking lot and everything seemed ok, so I finally headed to work! What a mess!! A few days later, Zach took my van back to the dealership to check the alignment – which needed fixing. Now, my van is back in working order AND just yesterday Zach bought me a better jack and a breaker bar to keep in my trunk – so that next time, as long as it’s only one tire, I can change it myself! I was so thankful this week for family in town that’s willing to help. My mom HATES driving in the snow, with dad’s eyesight so bad these days, she has to drive and I know it took a lot for her to drive in the snow Tuesday and Wednesday to help me out! My dad changed tires in the snowy cold on both days and I was so thankful for the help! I’m glad that’s over and so thankful it wasn’t worse!

Here are some fun things about the kids…



Ethan loves singing these days. He can sing “Jesus Loves Me”, “Where is Thumbkin” (he learned this from Ellie, who learned it at school), “twinkle, twinkle little star” – and some other songs from videos he watches: “the number 1 is fun – fun, fun, fun” and Barney’s “I love you, you love me”. Here’s a video of him singing those last two songs:

It’s amazing the words and sentences Ethan says these days! If he’s playing by himself, he’ll have this kind of conversation with himself: “1, 2, 3, 4. Four circles. Good job! Awesome!” Or if he’s playing with alphabet letters, here’s something I hear: “R, R? Where are you R?”. He randomly says “hi mister” and I have no idea where that came from! When walking into SAMs the other day, he said “Hi Friends” – to no one in particular! Ellie was singing “Love is an open door” the other night and Ethan said “sandwiches” at the perfect time during that song! When he wakes up in the mornings, he yells: “Mama, mama, where are you??”

Ethan also does some crazy stuff with letters these days… here are two pics of him putting letters in order – differently, but amazing, I think!

IMG_7169    IMG_7177



One morning while I was taking Ellie to school, Ellie said “I want to be a owl so I don’t have to go to school”. I told her that owls go to their own school. Then she listed like 5 other animals she could be – at which my answer was that all those animals went to school too. She was bummed. I was talking about my college roommates last weekend (they just attended our 10-year college reunion – I stayed home, hopefully I can go next time), and Ellie asked if they were mermaids. I don’t even know where that came from, but it was so funny!

After I got my tires fixed, I was taking Ellie to school (two days later) and she noticed the snow. Quickly, she said “mom, I hope you don’t pop your tire in the snow!” And I had to explain that it had nothing to do with the snow, but I’m pretty sure it’s going to worry her always when it snows that I’ll pop a tire! At SAMs on Friday, the fire alarm went off – and kept going off – we had to evacuate the store for a few minutes. Eventually we got to go back inside and when we were checking out, the guy told us it was a broken water pipe that caused the alarm. Ellie was confused why the fire alarm went off for that reason (so was I, really). I asked her if she’s ever had a “fire drill” at school and her response was “we haven’t had a broken water pipe”. Ha!

After her birthday, Ellie decided the balloons would look great on the can lights in the kitchen. I think she might be a lighting designer when she grows up…


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