No Instructions


I knew babies didn’t come with instructions. I knew we would have a lot to figure out. I knew all that and yet I had no idea!

Ellie has hit that magical 3-4 month age where she KNOWS we’ll come get her when she cries. She KNOWS we’ll rock her to sleep when she’s upset. She will just bust out a huge screaming session for no reason at all! Oh no!! We have spent the last two nights with a screaming baby at bedtime – what an exhausting experience! What used to work with our newborn baby is now changing – again. That’s how parenthood is going to be for the rest of our lives… just when we thought we had it figured it, it will change.

I’m ready for the challenge – I welcome it – but boy am I glad we have a Heavenly Father who comforts us in all situations! Without God in my life, I’d really be a mess! Thank you Jesus for your strength!


I have never read so many books so feverishly as I have in the past week…. Secrets of the Baby Whisperer and Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Child are two books that were recommended to me and we’ve learned so much from them. We are trying to implement lots of new ideas from these books – a little bit at a time. It will be interesting to see how Ellie transforms in the next month to hopefully having more regular naps, better bedtimes and a generally happy disposition during the day. It is but a short span of time in the whole scheme of things – one day I will look back and miss our baby Ellie and won’t even remember these hard times (I hope). I’ve cried a lot this week. It’s been frustrating. Even in the midst of frustration though, seeing Ellie crack a smile just melts my heart. I wouldn’t trade this time for anything!


Prayers for sanity and sleep are welcome!!

Here’s the link to some of this week’s favorite pictures in our album:  February 2011 album.